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If you are looking for a real estate agent then you may learn a little bit from this article.  It is about top Holly real estate agents and what really makes them a good agent?  If you look at ads for real estate agents in Holly Michigan you will see many will claim to be #1 in their office, company, or area.  It’s sometimes a grey area or marketing hype to claim to be number #1.  I hate to say it but some agents will out and out lie.  Some may be #1 for listing but not getting the house sold.  You really don’t know what #1 really means.  What is important to you is that you hire a Holly realtor that helps you and is honest.  A Holly real estate agent that is full time, has experience, and has good reviews.  You want to hire a real estate agent with a track record.  You don’t want an inexperienced newbie that may make a costly mistake on your home sale.  Experience does matter!  When you look for a Holly MI realtor you want to look for a real estate agent that is not out for themselves.  An agent that is not going to be looking to line their pocket with your money.

old kitchen      I recently had a client hire me simply because I was honest.  They were just listing a small house in Highland.  It was a mess.  They had inherited it and the previous owner had done nothing to it.  It was originally a lake cottage that sat across from the lake.  It needed a roof.  The carpeting was probably 25 years old.  The kitchen was original to the house.  One of the bedroom ceilings had fallen in from a leak from the roof.  The wood windows were probably from the 1950’s.  The house walls were paneling in many cases.  The chimney needed tender loving care as it was block and some of it had chipped.  It needed to have a cement coat to smooth it out and the new stone finishes they have would make it look great.  The facia boards were rotted from lack of painting.  Yard was over grown and there was no curb appeal.  Of course the deck needed work.

In other words it was a fixer upper.  It needed any where from $30,000 to $60,000 of work depending on how you looked at it. I came in there and showed the owner the comps of recent sales.  On the high side she maybe could get $90,000 to a $100,000 if we could find a person who was going to fix it up for themselves and live in it.  There were very few homes in Highland that were in that price range.   It is the same way with Holly.  There are very few homes in the low price ranges.  It would be still a deal for them.  It would be a deal because they would have lake access and possibility of putting a boat on the lake.  If we couldn’t find a home owner then a flipper would want to buy it at $65,000 to $75,000 so they could make a profit.  Some flippers would want to pay even less.

Unfortunately in the real estate business there are some agents that are out for themselves.  This “good” Holly real estate agent that had met with this Highland home seller last year offered to put it on the market for $60,000.  It would have been a quick sale for the realtor to some flipper.  But this client would have missed out on the possibility for more money.  This story gets worse.

backyard that needs work

This “top” Holly realtor said that they would buy the house right now for $40,000.  It would be a “first” flipping project for her son.  $40,000   Now if you are selling a house in Holly, Milford or Highland Township or any where in metro Detroit and the realtor offers to buy the house at a number THEY SET you need to run.  If you put the number out there and the real estate agent offers to buy it then it is a different matter.  You set the price it’s ok.  If they give you a low price and offer to buy it……that’s only in their best interest.  That’s not the real estate agent you want to hire.   In the other scenario the Holly real estate agent has the knowledge and is taking advantage of the seller.  As a home seller if a real estate agent offers up a value and then offers to buy it you need to do some research.  Look at the Zestimate on Zillow.  Look at your state equalized value.  Call another realtor to see what they think the house is worth.  It is a huge red flag for a real estate agent to offer up a price and offer to buy it right away.  If a realtor is offering to buy your home and you have not set the price I would bet in many cases it is going to be low price.  I believe it is about getting YOU the best price possible, not just getting the home sold.

Especially if the real estate agent is going to flip it and not live in it.  They want to make a good profit.  If you want to get the best price for your home, get another opinion.  The home seller in Highland was knowledgeable and knew $40,000 and $60,000 was on the low end.  She didn’t want anything to do with this agent and you shouldn’t either.

She called me and got some honest numbers.  We ended selling the home for $90,000 to a guy that had gone through a divorce and wanted to start over.  In the end the seller was happy because she was treated fairly and honestly.

If you are looking for a good Holly real estate agent then give me a call.  I am a full time agent that negotiates well and has over 16 years of experience.  I have been named for the last 5 years by HOUR magazine as “one of the top 5% of metro Detroit realtors.  I have five star reviews on Zillow, Angies List, and google.  I am also in the top 1% of the real estate agents in the nation.  So if you are looking for one of the best Holly realtors give me a call or text me at (248) 310-6239.  I will work hard for you and treat you well whether you are buying or selling.  My email is 

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Whether you are buying or selling a home getting a good agent that keeps you in the loop, communicates with you and puts your interest first is important.  So if an agent gives you a low price and offers to buy it from you, you should be checking with another realtor to see what your home is worth.

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