The other side of the coin

As a real estate agent we have to deal with many different agents.  Some are full time and some are part time.  Some are great at their jobs and some don’t know how to do it.  There are all types but my job as an agent is to help you get your house deal closed.

I tell a few stories of a few to illustrate my point.  Let’s call the first guy “Hubert”   Hubert is about 70 years old.  When ever I send documents over to Hubert I swear he falls asleep on them.  I sent over a purchase agreement to Hubert on Monday night at 6 pm.  Well Tuesday night a 7 pm Hubert calls me up and says the purchase agreement has not gone into the bank yet but he will get to it tomorrow.  I have worked with Hubert on another house deal before and it was frustrating.  I was working with Michigan relocation buyers and time was important.  My poor relocation buyers were as exasperated with Hubert as I was.  So I had to keep calling and keep pushing Hubert to get the paperwork and items taken care of.  But we did get my Michigan relocation buyers in the house finally.

Then we deal with the “adversarial agent”.  The one that wants to fight about everything.  Anything is fair game, about the purchase agreement or inspection report even before the client is told about it or makes a decision.  Rebecca as I shall call her wanted to argue about 3 or 4 days for moving out.   What does one day really matter.  She wanted to argue about the pre-approval letter because both the clients name wasn’t on there. When it came to inspection time she wanted to argue about GFI’s and little items.  Unfortunately Rebeccas pre-determined attitude poisoned her clients response to any issue.  We weren’t negotiating with the client.  It was Rebecca’s issues and attitudes that we were negotiating with.  Sometimes as agents and clients, we have to pick the battle we fight over.  I once had a $200,000 home deal almost blow up over one GFI.  A $20 dollar item.  Neither they buyer and seller would give in.  They wanted to fight over it.  I bought one and gave it to the buyer.  The deal closed.

If you want to sell your house or really want to buy a certain home then you can’t dig your heals in.  You have to negotiate it out.  Sometimes you have to give a little to get the “big end result”.  That is sometimes our job to take the “who’s right” or “who’s wrong” out of the negotiations.   We have to work with the other agent’s personality or work ethic in the best way possible to get the deal closed.  ( No matter how hard it is)

How to prepare your home for sale

As a real estate agent we have to step back many times and think of a way to best get the deal closed without ruffling too many feathers.  Using the other agents quirks or style to our best advantage.  I have dealt with some agents enough to realize how they are going to counter back.  And I am sure are some agents out there that know a few of my negotiating tactics.

But the goal is to help get my clients goals achieved with the least amount of stress for them.  Sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes we do the other agents job to help get the deal closed.  But that is just part of the Metro Detroit real estate business.



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