The new stimulus plan

Everybody in Metro Detroit is waiting to see what the stimulus plan is all about. There are so many questions.  What will it really mean to all of the Metro Detroiters that are hurting financially?  I know so many friends that have lost their jobs, or that have reduced incomes because of lost income from reduced business.  Many of my friends own businesses or are independent contractors.  Some of them have lost up to 75% of their income.

From what I have heard on TV this stimulus plan I think has some good provisions for the auto industry and the real estate industry. I even have a client that is on the edge of his seat hoping that the stimulus plan will be signed quickly.  If they are truly going to give $15,000 tax credit to all home buyers it may give some home buyers the push to go and buy a home.  I wonder what the wording will be and when it will take effect.

I have to say that I am hoping that our senators can put together a package that will help people get back on their feet.  Mr Obama and Mr Senators I hope you have planned well.  I hope you will put some real tough restrictions on the banks next time they want money.  Some of them are on spending sprees and they aren’t helping many of these people in foreclosure.  Shame on us for letting them get away with all that money with no restrictions.

So let’s all pray that they have put together a good stimulus package and that it can be signed in the next week.

My quote of the day is:

Falling in love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful.




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