The Largest All Sports Lake in Commerce Township

So what is the biggest all sports lake in Commerce Michigan?  It all depends on who you believe on the size of Commerce Lake.  I have found two different sizes of the lake.  One source says 236 acres and another source puts North Commerce Lake at 173 acres and South Commerce Lake at 119 acres.  If you add up 173 acres and 119 acres you get the total for Commerce Lake 292 acres.  So it depends on who you believe.  So it makes a difference when deciding which is Commerce Twp’s largest lake.  So instead of worry about which one is I decided I would give you information on both of them.

Would you like a view like this from your next home?

Let’s go skiing

Lake Sherwood   The lake is about 258 acres in size including the canals.  It’s not a very deep lake, it is only about 20 foot deep in the deepest spot.  There are two islands on the lake that are about 2 acres total in size.  One is on the north end of the lake by the boat launch and the other is on the southwest corner of the lake down by Sleeth Road.

Here is some information on the shoreline

  •  Main Lake: 2.4 miles – 147.3 acres
  • Canals: North Side across Commerce Road – 18.1 acres
  •               South Side of Commerce Road (East of Main Lake)- 94.6 acres
  • The total shoreline for the lake including the canals is 9.2 miles

Many lake home owners just love Lake Sherwood in Commerce because not only is it close to the expressways via Duck Lake Road and Wixom Road.  It is what I call a subdivision lake.  Lake Sherwood is a man made lake and a planned community.  Basically it is a subdivision with a lake in the middle of it.  The majority of the homes were built in the same time.  Most of the homes are brick homes with attached garages.  Yes, some are colonials, some are ranches, and some are split level homes.  But there are no really odd homes in the subdivision.  Like an old lake cottage would stand out.


Another great view of the lake

One Swan a swimming on Commerce Lake in Oakland County

One of the lake residents enjoying the lake!

Commerce Lake   Commerce Lake is located just north of Oakley Park Road and east of Benstein Road.  Many people call it Commerce Lake but it is actually two lakes.  One is North Commerce Lake and the other is South Commerce Lake.  Depending on who you talk to the lake is either 235 acres or 293 acres.  It is a good size private all sports lake.  Only the lake residents can put a boat on the lake and there is no DNR Launch.  Commerce Lake is desirable to many Oakland County Lake home owners because it is relatively close to the highways.  If you don’t know about the lakes area in Oakland County rush hour can be trying.  Many of the roads around the lakes are only two lane and curve around the lakes.  So at 5 o’clock it can be very busy.  It can add an half an hour to your commute if you pick a lake in mid to north Oakland County.

The homes are either custom built luxury homes or waterfront homes and cottages on Commerce Lake.  Many of them have been remodeled over the years, or are being remodeled.  You will still find small cottages on the lake, but you will also find bigger homes on the lake.  There are some homes on the lake that are valued at over a million dollars.  So when searching for a lake home you will find all types of lake homes in Commerce.


Russ Ravary Your Lakes area realtor.


There are so many reasons lake home buyers want big lakes in Oakland County. Here are a few of them the reasons I have heard.

  1. My family wants to be on a big lake because my husband gets bored on little lakes.  We want to go around the lake on our pontoon and not be home in 10 minutes.
  2. The guy in the family wants to by a speed boat and go fast.
  3. We are  water sports enthusiast that love water skiing and wake boarding
  4. We want to take our grand kids tubing

These past home buyers wanted to be on a bigger all sports lake in Commerce Township that is closer to the expressways or M-5.  That way they are spending more time with family than spending it on the road.

There are some very nice all sports lake in the township.  Below I have listed the 5 biggest all sports lakes in Commerce Township so you can understand more about them.  The lakes range in size from 455 acres down to    Two of them are only partially in the township.  Actually the 2 lakes (Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake) are barely in Commerce.  The lakes just have a small corner in the township.  If I had to pick out one lake as the most prestigious or most desirable I would say it is Union Lake.  There are many elegant luxury homes on the lake and even the small cottages are getting a very high price per square foot.



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