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3 Big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan

hat are 3 big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield?  When I say a big lake I usually am saying it is over 200 acres in size.  If you are looking for a big all sports lake in W Bloomfield you

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West bloomfield Vacant Land Property for Sale!!!

West Bloomfield vacant lots for sale 3/28/2017 Hiller Rd   Come build your dream home here! Stay close to work and the kid’s schools, your family and friends, all while still being able to turn your dream home into a

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Lake Houses For Sale in West Bloomfield Michigan 11/20/2014

Here is a list of Lake Houses For Sale in West Bloomfield Michigan. West Bloomfield Township is a charter township in Oakland County, Michigan.  If you do not know yet Oakland County is metro Detroit’s wealthiest county.  West Bloomfield is

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