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Metro Detroit curb appeal tips – Metro Detroit home selling tips

When I list homes I want to help my clients prepare their home to get top dollar.  Beautiful updated homes get top dollar naturally.  However it also becomes a point in how much time and money do you want to put into a home and how much do you get back?  It does not make sense to put $20,000 into

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Staging the back yard – Metro Detroit home selling tips

Your outside patio, or deck should be staged if it is nice and if you think it is a positive aspect of your house.  If the deck is well maintained or the patio is in great shape clean up the views around it.  One factor when thinking about the landscaping is that it should not be too much.  I speak from personal

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4 Home Selling Tips – Commerce Real Estate

  4 Home Selling Tips – Commerce Real Estate Selling your Commerce Real Estate home can be so stressful.  Trying to remember everything to impress the potential buyer.  I have listed 4 home selling tips to make your life a little easier. 1) A spare room should be viewed as a bonus. It is a “plus” feature of your home, but only if the

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