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Metro Detroit curb appeal tips – Metro Detroit home selling tips

When I list homes I want to help my clients prepare their home to get top dollar.  Beautiful updated homes get top dollar naturally.  However it also becomes a point in how much time and money do you want to put into a home and how much do you get back?  It does not make sense to put $20,000 into

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Did you know – Michigan home selling tips

Here is another article on Michigan home selling tips or how to get more money for your home!  Did you know that home buyers will pay more for an updated, move in ready home?  Did you know that a Michigan home that has had the kitchen and bathrooms updated, good flooring, and freshly painted may get multiple offers in the

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How not to sell your home – West Bloomfield real estate tips

Sometimes the simplest things de-rail a sale of a home.  So I thought I would do a short video of what you should or shouldn’t be doing when getting your home ready to sell.  Sometimes little things that you live with will detract from the sale of your West Bloomfield home or even turn off buyers.  I have had a

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Home selling tips Commerce MI – Hunting trophies

If you are a hunter and you are selling your Commerce Township home here is the best tip I can give you…..put away your hunting trophies.  I know you are proud of your accomplishments.  Many hunters put them up all over the wall, but there are many home buyers who are animal lovers.  Animal lovers that do not want to see

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How to sell your home – Redford 5 home selling tips How to sell your home – Redford 5 home selling tips

Listed below are 5 home selling tips to help get a sold sign on your property before you know it. Selling your Redford Home can be very stressful and a little bit helps as these 5 home selling tips can take the burden off your shoulder. You want to make a good impression on the potential buyer in every which way. 1) Check all the ceilings for

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