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Moving to West Bloomfield – West Bloomfield home buyer tips

If you are thinking of buying a home in West Bloomfield I want to share some of W Bloomfield’s real estate statistics with you so you can make a sound decision. It pays to understand the market in West Bloomfield before you buy.  For example if you know the average home is taking only 30 days to sell then you

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Smart Michigan home buyer tips – What can you afford in a house payment?

I am going to start a series of Smart Michigan home buyer tips.  I will start the series of home buyer tips of “What can you afford in a house payment?”  There are three bad things that can happen to you when you buy a home. 1.)  Buy a money pit – where you have to keep dumping money into

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Why you should use the realtor’s recommended lender – SE Michigan home buyer tips

It’s not easy to pick a good South Eastern Michigan mortgage loan officer especially if you have never used one before.   Why do I say that?  Because you do not know if the loan officer will be responsive or communicate with the client.  You never know how the back room of a lender is until you use them.  You do not

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What does CCS mean? – Home buyer tips

What does CCS Mean?  I like my buyers to know what is certain real estate terms mean. So you are reading the MLS listings I have sent you and you see “CCS”.  What does CCS mean?  “CCS” stands for continue to show.  It means that the seller has a written and signed offer.  But the deal isn’t quite solid yet.

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What does owner occupant buyers mean – Northville real estate talk

So you have been looking at Northville real estate listings and you see in the listing ticket something about an owner occupant period.  What does that mean to you?  The federal government wants homeowners that will live in the house to get first chance at a Northville home over an investor. Banks have gone along with that idea because selling a foreclosure to a person who will live in

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