Stealing and Michigan foreclosures

Michigan foreclosures

We have a trend in Metro Detroit foreclosures that I don’t like much.  But who am I to judge the homeowners.  People are taking the light fixtures, the plumbing fixtures out of their foreclosed homes before they move out.  Of course lots of items get stolen after the home goes into a foreclosureespecially in the City of Detroit.  But this is happening by the people who own the house.

I feel for the home owners that their home were foreclosures.  And I understand that the home is their property until the bank takes it over.  I understand they have the legal right to take the lighting fixtures, the plumbing fixtures, the cabinets.  I can understand it more that you did upgrades and paid for them out of your own pocket.  That they weren’t part of the mortgage.  But….

Hey I have even seen the Jacuzzi tub taken out.  I have seen the landscaping removed.   I know one guy that was a mortgage broker.  He took the lighting fixtures, some of the landscaping and some other things.  I personally don’t think it was the “right thing” to do.  It is just my personal opinion though.  He knew what he was getting into.  He just over bought and did not live within his means.   And I even understand that he was a victim of the economy.

The worst situation I saw this happen in was a Novi home.  The homeowners had gotten into a car accident.  The spouse was laid up and could not work.  So they were surviving on one income.  They were in foreclosure.  The bank made an exception for them to stay longer in the home.  How the homeowners repaid the kindness was to take everything in the house.  Sad but true.

Many of the items just sat in their new home’s basement.  I can see if you were broke needed the money, and you had to sell it.  Even then I have to debate what is right or wrong.  If you had to sell them to live then I may agree with you.

But I totally disagree with the people that intentionally damage a Metro Detroit foreclosure because they are being thrown out.  I have heard stories of cement being dumped down the sewer pipes, cabinet doors torn off, bleach on the carpet.  Now that is wrong.  Being vindicative and destroying  the home is just plain wrong. Foreclosures drive down the neighborhood prices.  When you intentionally damage the home and take fixtures you are lowering the price of the home.  You are driving the comparable prices down for your neighborhood.  You are hurting your neighbors and friends that you have in the subdivision.                                                     

You have the right to be mad.  You have the right to be angry at the bank and the world.  But I always say your true character comes out in tough times.  So it may be legal, but is it right?  You decide yourself if you have a Metro Detroit foreclosure.  I’m not your judge.  I’m not perfect by any means.


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