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Your outside patio, or deck should be staged if it is nice and if you think it is a positive aspect of your house.  If the deck is well maintained or the patio is in great shape clean up the views around it.  One factor when thinking about the landscaping is that it should not be too much.  I speak from personal experience.  Let me tell you about my own home.

Home staging & waterfalls

Home staging & waterfalls

I was once a landscaper.  I love gardening and I love building and landscaping.  So I had a beautiful raised brick paver patio with a wood trellis over the top of it.  I had several ponds and waterfalls in the back yard.  I had over a hundred different types of perennials too.   For me it was a labor of love.  I enjoyed it. However when I went to sell my home the feedback I got was too much work, or my dog would be in the ponds, or I can imagine my kids jumping off the waterfall.  So one of the keys to selling your home and getting it ready to sell….is to have some well maintained landscaping but not too much.

So how do you stage your back yard?  Start with strategically place the furniture.  But be sure the home buyers can walk out of the house without being cramped.  Do not have a lot of furniture.  Just like inside you want the deck or patio to appear spacious.  Get rid of all the clutter and junk in the back yard.

Back yard home staging

Back yard home staging

If you are around prior to the showing open up the umbrella.  If it is a wind free day place a party setting or cups outside like you were expecting guests.  If you have a fire pit place firewood like it was ready to lite.  Have a hot tub and leaving it?  Make sure the water and hot tub are clean.  Open the cover.  Let the buyer imagine themselves using your yard.

That is one of the ways to get buyers to make an offer on your home.  They have to pictures themselves in your home and using the deck, the fire pit.  So don’t be lazy…stage the back yard.


Here are a couple more Michigan home selling tips.  I hope these 4 home selling tips – Commerce real estate and How to sell your Metro Detroit real estate quicker help you get top dollar for your home.  After all that is what we are after.  We want you to get the most money we can for your home with doing as little work as possible.  Of course sometimes it pays to do more work because the return will be better for an move in ready home.

If you would like to learn more about homes for sale Wixom Michigan or waterfront homes for sale Schoolhouse Lake in Oakland County MI send me an email at  I have been selling  homes for almost 14 years now and I know the local communities real estate prices very well.  So give me a call on my cell (248) 310-6239  If you are looking for a nice lake home along the I-94 corridor then you may want to search for homes on Belleville Lake in Wayne County

Where ever you are looking to sell in the metro Detroit area give me a shout.  I will work hard to get you top dollar for your home.

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