Some real estate words to watch out for

Metro Detroit Home buying tips


Here are some secrets I have learned as a real estate agent. I am going break the real estate code and let you in on our “secret real estate translations” to words in the comment section when you are looking at listings.  Now if you don’t see me around tomorrow you will know what happened to me.All agents use descriptive terms to enhance and describe their Metro Detroit listings so home buyers will come in the door.   Sometimes there is nothing to say about the home because the home is beat up, run down, and have no exciting features.

Needs TLC – what this means it that the home needs painting, and a handyman for the next month.  Don’t be surprised to see loose door knobs, leaking faucets, and dents in the walls.

Original owner – this means the original owner hasn’t done any improvements in the last 15 years.  If you like shag carpeting, vegetable wallpaper, or your grandmothers decor, this house is for you.

If there are no updates listed it means this house needs major updating.   EVERY real estate will list updates in the comment sections.  If there is an updated kitchen or bathroom we are going to list it.  If there are none listed be ready to spend some money updating this home.

If they talk about the yard or the garage more than they talk about the house don’t be surprised that the house is average, below average, or needs works.  Again a real estate agent always will write about the house first and build the house up.

So when you are out looking at Metro Detroit homes for sale look for some of my examples above.  You’ll be surprised how right I am.   Just don’t tell too many other people otherwise I’ll be in trouble.  I have to watch my back after I have divulged these “secrets”.


My proverb of the day:

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for something.

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