Snowstorm of 2014

I just got back in from snow blowing the 2nd time today.  I think we are going to have over 12 inches of this fluffy white stuff by tomorrow morning.  Nothing is going to be open tomorrow.  So I think everybody  will have the day off.   To top it off we are going to have some major wind chill temperatures.  Here are a couple of winter safety tips for the next few days.

If you have pets do not let them stay outside too long.  Their paws, ears, and noses are prone to frostbite just like ours our.  So you may want to shovel an area close to the house so they can do their business and come back into the house right away.  Even if they have always been an outdoor dog bring them in the garage and provide shelter for them.  I saw one temperature map that is showing a -32 wind chill tomorrow sometime.

The same goes for you tomorrow.  Do not go outside unless you have too.  If you have to go outside be sure to cover as much of your face as possible.  Only stay outside for a few minutes.  Stay inside and do some of those things you have been putting off.  Or better yet make it a family day.  Play some board games, or video games with the kids.  Teach your kids how to cook something.

Michigan snow storm

Watch a movie together.  Make it a fun day for the family.  You do not get many chances like that.  Your kids are trapped inside with you.  Make the best of it.

I have a son that is now 29.  I know how those teenage years were.  They do not want to spend much time with you.  So enjoy your day with your kids.  I wish my son was back in Michigan (He lives in Chicago now) to spend the whole day with me.  Now will your kids be happy or frustrated with you tomorrow?  Have a great day.

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