Slalom water ski courses on Oakland County lakes in Michigan

Slalom water ski courses on Oakland County lakes in Michigan
orchard lake

Everybody has different dream of living on a lake.  Some lake home buyers want a Slalom water ski courses on a Oakland County lake in Michigan.  You may want your children to learn and compete in slalom water ski races.  You may love to water ski and having the course already on the lake would make your day.
Having a water ski course on your lake in Oakland County is definitely a plus.  There are only so many lakes in Oakland County that have slalom water ski course on them.  It is like having a store or restaurant on the lake.  It is a little addition for lake home owners without being a nuisance.  I did some research a few years back on which lakes in Oakland County have slalom water ski courses on them.  You cannot just put up a waterski course on a lake in Michigan for people to use.  You would have to get permission from other lake residents to do it.  You have to apply for a permit from either the DEQ or DNR.  It is not an easy process.  You have to get a certain majority percentage of the lake home owners to agree to it.  It usually has to be in one location all the time.  You can contact the state to get the full requirements of what to do to get one on your Oakland County Lake.  It’s not an easy process so it is easier to buy a lakefront home on an Oakland County MI lake in that already has a ski course on it.
I contacted the state and got a list of all the lakes that had a slalom water ski course in Oakland County Michigan.  Usually there is an avid group of water skiers that get out on the lake in the early morning hours when the lake is quiet and the lake surface is like glass.  These are the skiers that are usually out there first thing in the spring and late into the fall.
pine lake
They are the die hard water skiers that love the slalom water ski courses.  Here is info about slalom skiing if you do not know about it.  There are a lot of rules to go along with it, but simply put; a boat travels straight through a set of 26 buoys. The skier is being pulled by a rope attached to the boat and has to enter the course through the first pair of red gate buoys, go to the outside of all 6 red turn buoys and then exit the course through the last pair of red gate buoys. There are predetermined speeds and rope lengths. With each speed and rope length, a credit of 6 buoys is scored. If the skier completes the course without falling or missing any buoys, they receive credit for those 6 buoys, and in addition, they receive credit for all passes that preceded that particular pass that they just completed, even though they did not actually ski them. See chart below. At that point the skier typically will either increase the boat to the next predetermined speed, or if they are already at their maximum allowed speed, they will shorten the rope to the next predetermined length. This is usually done in sequential increments to the next speed or next rope length, but a skier can skip up.
upper straits lake

What lakes in Oakland County have permanent Water Ski courses?   Here they are!




258.353 – 259.648
849′ 8 7/8″
847′ 7 38″ – 851′ 10 3/8″
A = 27m
26.865 – 27.135
88′ 7″
88′ 1 5/8″ – 89′ 1/4″
B = 41m
40.795 – 41.205
134′ 6 1/8″
133′ 10 1/8″ – 135′ 2 1/4″
C= 29.347m
29.200 – 29.494
96′ 3 3/8″
95′ 9 5/8″ – 96′ 9 1/8″
D = 47.011m
46.776 – 47.246
154′ 2 3/4″
153″ 5 3/8″ – 155′ 1/8″
E = 1.25m
1.188 – 1.313
4″ 1 1/4″
3′ 10 3/4″ – 4′ 3 3/4″
F = 11.5m
11.385 – 11.616
37′ 8 3/4″
37′ 4 1/4″ – 38′ 1 3/8″
G = 1.15m
1.035 – 1.265
3′ 9 1/4″
3′ 4 3/4″ – 4′ 1 3/4″
H = 55m
54.725 – 55.275
180′ 5 3/8″
179′ 6 1/2″ – 181′ 4 1/4″










1/4% on 259m
5% on E



1/2% on A, B, C, D, H
10% on G



1% on F


  Below is a list of the lakes in Oakland County have Slalom Water Ski courses on them.  If you would like to find a lake home in Oakland County that has a water ski course on it give me a call at (248) 310-6239

Big Lake                                Cass Lake                        Cedar Island Lake

Dixie Lake                            Duck Lake                        Elizabeth Lake

Greens Lake                        Lake Oakland                   Lake Voorheis

Lakeville Lake                    Long Lake                         Maceday Lake

Middle Straits Lake          Orchard Lake                    Otter Lake

Oxbow Lake                       Pine Lake                           Scott Lake

Upper Long Lake             Watkins Lake                     Waumegah Lake

White Lake                       Williams Lake                    Woodhull Lake

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