Six degrees of separation Detroit style

Yep the 6 degrees of separation works in the economy too.  All across the nation the Metro Detroit economy is hurting people across the country.  Some people will say no, but I know it is true.

I know Real estate agents and mortgage people that have lost thier second homes.  They had to make tough choices.  I know people that had homes in Florida that let them go.  North Carolina, Las Vegas, Texas, and California are places that I know people have given up homes.  I know it is not large numbers but Metro Detroiter’s are having to give up their second homes.  Their income levels no longer support a second home.  Then that causes problems in your economy.  Less people are needed to take care of those homes.  Less Michigan people coming to spend money in your economy.

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Our trips and vacations have been cut back.  We aren’t taking trips to New Orleans, or New York.  I even hear that Broadway is hurting.  We aren’t coming there like we used to see the shows.  We aren’t spending as much money in Chicago.

Salesmen across the country aren’t selling to the car companies like they used to.  Whether it is large insurance companies, or finance companies that did the financing or warranty for the auto companies they have been hurt.  Even truckers are feeling the pinch.  We aren’t ordering as much as we used to so not as much is being trucked around the country.

Whether you believe it or not it is like the 6 degrees of separation.  What we do here in Detroit does affect you.  Not matter what industry you are in, what state you are in our Michigan dollars do count.

Do you miss us yet?   We miss coming to your state….. we really do…..

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