Should I offer a bigger commission on my house?

I have heard that question from my Plymouth home seller the other day?  I can tell you what I do.

As a Metro Detroit real estate agent I show all homes regardless of what the commission is.  When I search listings for my clients I put in the price range, the cities they want, and any other criteria they have.  The computer spits out the list of Metro Detroit homes for sale and all the Metro Detroit foreclosures too.  I don’t have the time to worry about whether one house is paying a 1/2 % less or 1% more.  I always feel it all works out in the end.

To not show a home because another agent is paying 1/2% less isn’t ethical.  It isn’t in the best interest of my home buyer.  And that is who I work for.  The goal is to find a home that my buyer loves and wants.  I let them chose what houses to see.  Sure every once in a while I add a few homes to the list.  But that is because I might have been in the home or think my home buyer might like the home.

Check your home’s value ?

Do I think some metro Detroit real estate agents might show the house because they are offering the selling agent 4% versus 3%?  A few might but most agents don’t do that.  They just don’t have the time to check listings for which one is paying more.  I have never heard of any agent doing that.

So in my opinion I don’t believe offering a higher commission to the real estate agent will bring you more buyers.  I believe you would be better off offering to pay some of the buyers closing costs.

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Russ Ravary your Oakland County real estate specialist



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