Selling your Metro Detroit Home – 4 major mistakes

What not to do when selling your Michigan home!!!

1.)  Over price your home.  When you set your list price of your home too high you will lose valuable buyers.  Especially in this Metro Detroit buyers market.  Many homes are going relatively cheap.  If you price your home $30,000 than an identical home in your subdivision, buyers are going to put in offers in the cheaper home.  You may not even get an offer because you are pricing your real estate too high.  The buyers have the mind set of “why should we fight about price when you are priced way too high”  The buyers already know that your price is unrealistic for the market.  If you want your house to sit and not sell then price it high.  If you want your Metro Detroit Hometo sell look at the comparables your Michigan realtor gave you and price your home in the range of past sold homes.

2.)  Not showing your home at all times.  Because there are fewer buyers in this tough Michigan real estate market you need to show your house whenever somebody wants to see it.  I am always amazed at how many homeowners say no to a showing.  “It’s not convenient” is just another way of saying you don’t want to sell it.  If a buyer wants to see it then show it.  Have your house ready to show, pack up the kids and pets and get out of the house.  If you aren’t showing the house you are not selling it.

3.)  Selling “as is”  Today’s home buyers want move in ready homes.  They want the house freshly painted.  They want nice carpet.  They don’t want wall paper that you loved 10 years ago.  Tear it down.  Fix all the little items.  Rubbing doors, loose doorknobs, leaky faucets, crooked light fixtures. Metro Detroit real estate sells quicker and for more money.  Make it pretty.  Make it neutral.  Appealing to the greatest number of buyers possible will get your home sold quicker.

4.)  Sloppy housekeeping and not changing your habits.  Do you really want to sell your home?  Then quit smoking inside the house or inside the garage.  Step outside in the cold and smoke.  Does your pet leave hair all over the house then keep them in one room for easy cleanup.  Clean up the house.  Put the dirty clothes in a hamper.  Clean the bathrooms and the basement.  Home buyers form an opinion of house was taken care of by the way the house appears to them.  A sloppy house gives the impression that the homeowner doesn’t take care of it.  So what else could be wrong lingers at the back of their mind.

These Metro Detroit home sales tips can save you money and help get your home sold.


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