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Metro Detroit Home seller tips

Yes you heard me right.  You need to get rid of those pains in your house’s #&?!  What I mean is you need to smooth things over and prepare your Metro Detroit house to sell if you really want to sell it this year.  Here are some tips:


  1. Paint the house in neutral colors.   Buyers love move in ready.  If your house currently has marks on the wall or needs touch up ….. DO IT.  Your house will sell quicker.
  2. Open up your rooms.  Remove excess furniture.  Make every room appear more spacious.  If your house is jammed wall to wall furniture then take a few piece out and store them elsewhere.
  3. Clean the carpets and deodorize your home.  If your basement smells mildewy or the house smells of smoke it will turn off buyers.  Finding the source of the odor and removing it will be a great step in not running buyers out of your house.
  4. De-clutter.  Remove the knic-knacs, the little stuff already over the tops of the counters.  All over the tops of dressers, shelves, and tops of furniture.
  5. Fix the little things.  Fix loose doorknobs, leaky faucets, oil squeaky doors.
  6. Improve your curb appeal.  Trim up the shrubs.  Clean up the front of the yard.

By preparing your Metro Detroit home for saleit will help it sell quicker and for more money.  The small fixes like painting, de-cluttering, and making the house appear more spacious cost very little.  It usually takes more time than money to do the simple things.

You see to you those issues that I have mentioned about aren’t issues to you.  You have grown accustomed to living with your house.   But to some buyers these “issues” are a “pain in the #*!” that they don’t want to deal with.  By preparing your Metro Detroit home to sell you will be appealing to a greater number of buyers.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a Redford bungalow, a Canton tri-level, or a Northville luxury home fix it up.  It will sell faster.

Get the relief of having your home sell quicker.

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