Russ Ravary Testimonial!

Russ Ravary Testimonial!

I love when I get a new referral or review from a previous client. It truly proves that I lived up to the standards my clients expect from an experienced realtor. Being a realtor referrals and testimonial are a great way to improve our business and help share our client’s experiences. I received this great testimonial from a past client.  He had a lakefront home on Duck Lake that was typical of many older lake cottages.  It had been added onto and did not have the typical layout that many buyers want.  He had rented it out for several years.   It needed TLC and updating.  So between the layout and not being move in ready, it took a lot of marketing to get the lakefront home sold.  We did get it sold to everybody’s satisfaction.




Here is the testimonial he posted on Zillow about me.

“Russ was my third realtor, trying to sell a house I owned in Michigan. I live in Pennsylvania. The house was part of an estate. I owned it for three years. The first two realtors were terrible, compared to Russ. The first couple years I owned it was a real headache for me. After I hired Russ, the burden was lifted. Russ actually kept an eye on the place for me. He would call and say this needs done or that needs done. If I didn’t have the resources to take care of it, with my permission, Russ would find someone for me. He was great. He only had to call me a couple of times because, he sold it so quick. We met. He told me, and showed me, what I should list it for. He told me what to expect for a selling price, which I got. I got it in just a few months. I called Russ this month, 4 years later, and he still remembered me. As Russ had explained when I listed it, I may, and did, have to sell on a land contract. I contacted Russ because the buyers decided to pay it off early. I called him a little anxious. The buyer’s bank is calling with a list of things I need. No problem, Russ had taken care of that, escrowing stuff with the title company, at the time of sale. The only thing I had to do was figure a little interest and he showed me how to do that. I sure am glad I hired him.”

I really appreciate the kind words my clients feel strongly enough about to share with, not only me, but the public as well. I hope that this helps you learn a little bit about the work I do for my clients and the type of realtor I am and strive to be.

Russ Ravary Michigan Lake Realtor

Russ Ravary

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Whether you are interested in selling your home or buying a home I work all over Metro Detroit.  I can help make your next move easier.  So give me a call at (248) 310-6239 to get started or email me at



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If you are thinking of buying a Lakefront homes for sale Highland Michigan you may want to check out one of the nearby lakes like Charlick Lake or Lakefront Homes for Sale Fish Lake Rose Township Michigan  They are both beautiful lakes, a little smaller but still very nice lakes to live on.  If you would like to live closer to expressways or Telegraph Road, but still want a smaller lake then maybe look for Foreclosures Flanders Lake Michigan

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