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I have been out showing some Michigan home buyers properties in Rochester Hills.  They had narrowed it down to three different home in Rochester Hills MI.  They asked me which house should they buy.  I told them that I could not make that decision for them.  It was going to be their home, a home that they were going to live in.  I was not going to live there.  I have different likes and preferences than my clients so I may be perfectly happy in a home that they hate.  So I told them to do a spread sheet on the houses.  I would do something like this.

Which Michigan home

Which Michigan home

House 1               House 2            House 3

  1. What do you love about the house?
  2. What do you dislike about the house?
  3. Curb appeal or front of home? Do you like it?
  4. Back yard?  Does it fit your needs
  5. Deck/patio is it big enough?
  6. Garage size?  2, 3, or 4 car
  7. Kitchen?  updated, color or cabinet?  Happy with it?
  8. Layout of main floor?
  9. Bedroom sizes
  10. Master bedroom suite
  11. Large enough closets?
  12. Bathrooms updated or no?  Enough of them?
  13. Basement? finished or unfinished
  14. Roof age
  15. Furnace age
  16. Windows good or need updating?
  17. Flooring Carpet need replacing?  Do you like it?
  18. What would you want to do to the house?
  19. What absolutely has to be done right away?
  20. What absolutely has to be done in the future?
  21. Repairs
  22. Repairs
  23. Repairs


which home

which home

This list should give you the basics of what you may like or dislike about the homes.  Sometimes putting everything on paper will help you make a decision.  If you are just rattling it around your head you are not able to differentiate which home is better.  You may have forgot that you hate the kitchen tile, or that the home does not have a tub in the master suite.  Or maybe you feel the bedroom sizes are too small in one home compared to the others.  One home may have great amenities, but you may never use them.  Such as it has a great basement bar, but you are non -drinkers.  Little things can make a big difference.

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As your Michigan relocation guide I want you to be happy in your home for years to come.  I want you to get the best home for the best price.  It is about your choices.  Some buyers may want a Lake house on Brendel Lake in White Lake Twp.  Other buyers may want a new construction home in South Lyon MI.  It is all about personal choices.  You the buyer will have to make those choices.  Nobody can make them for you.  I hope this list of questions that I made up will help you decide on the right home for you.

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Buyers Bonus Deal!

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