Remember the end goal – home selling tips

When you are trying to sell your Metro Detroit home remember why you are doing it.

  • are you moving because of a job?
  • are you moving to relieve the financial burden?
  • moving to be closer to family?
  • moving because of retirement?
  • want a bigger home?
  • or moving because of a life change like divorce or kids growing up?

Whatever the reason you have worked hard preparing your home to sell, you have gone through months of showings and keeping it clean.  Now it has been over 6 months and you finally you have a low ball offer.  It is insulting that the buyers offered that little.  You don’t want to even respond to it.

BUT before you do

Have your realtor pull the most recent solds for your local area.  Look at the recent sold homes hard.  Step back and take your emotions out of it.

  • How low is the buyers offer?
  • Can you negotiate to get market price?
  • Do you truly want to move?
  • Do you truly want to get on with your life?
  • Do you still want the financial burden of this house?

If so then negotiate hard and try to get your home sold.  That’s what it is all about.  Getting your home sold for a good prices in this tough Metro Detroit real estate market.  That’s what I do try to help you accomplish your goals.


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