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When is it the best time to sell your home in South East Michigan?

If you have been thinking about selling your home and you live in South East Michigan, keep reading. Here you will see when the best time to list your home is, in order to sell swiftly and for top dollar.

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De-cluttering – Southeastern Michigan home selling tips

De-cluttering your home is such a huge part of selling your South Eastern Michigan home.  What is great is that it costs so little to do.  It is just a little work and time involved in doing this.  So why

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Put away the collections – Metro Detroit home selling tips

One of the things you want to do when selling your Metro Detroit home is to appeal to the greatest audience of home buyers you can.  So how do you go about this?  How do you as a Metro Detroit

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How to get less for your home, and keep your home on the market longer – Michigan home selling tips

There are many ways to hinder the sale of you home.  This is a quick article on “How to get less for your home, and keep your home on the market longer”.   It is an opposite example of how to get

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When is it time to lower your home’s list price?

Home sellers and real estate agents walk a fine line of underpricing a home and overpricing the home.   A seller will always wonder if they priced their home too low if they get a full priced offer the first day. 

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How to negotiate home inspection issues when selling your Metro Detroit Home

Many home sellers think that once the purchase agreement is negotiated that negotiations are over.  That is untrue in some cases.  So home buyers enter into the home buying process planning on negotiating the price down or using the home

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Metro Detroit curb appeal tips – Metro Detroit home selling tips

When I list homes I want to help my clients prepare their home to get top dollar.  Beautiful updated homes get top dollar naturally.  However it also becomes a point in how much time and money do you want to

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5 great curb appeal tips to draw buyers in the door

Cleaning up the outside and curb appeal is one of the most important things you need to do before listing your Metro Detroit home.  Think of it as staging the outside of your home.  How to get your home sold quicker – Early Spring

Hiring the right Metro realtor – top Michigan realtors

  If you look at most realtor’s biography you will see that they are selling multi million dollars of real estate.  So what does that really mean to you as a buyer in the Michigan real estate market?  Some may

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Metro Detroit home selling tips – biggest return on your remodeling dollar

If you are looking to sell your Metro Detroit home in the future what you do to it does affect the value.  Sometimes Michigan home owners do a remodeling project that reduces the value of the home.  They may love