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Lake homes for sale on all sports lakes in West Bloomfield

Lake living is a wonderful way of life.  So many of my past clients tell me “why didn’t we do it 10 years earlier”  If you have been checking out all sports lakes in metro Detroit and would like to

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Pine Lake lakefront homes for sale in West Bloomfield

Lakefront homes for sale on  Pine Lake West Bloomfield Michigan               Pine Lake in West Bloomfield MI is what I would consider an “upper end lake”.  Lakefront homes are going to be more expensive because Pine Lake and West Bloomfield are a

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Home for sale on union Lake  in West Bloomfield Michigan!

Home for sale on union Lake  in West Bloomfield Michigan! Are you wanting to live the life of Lake Living? Come and check out these Lakefront Homes for sale on Union Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan. If Union Lake is

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Homes for sale on Walnut Lake West Bloomfield MI

Homes for sale on Walnut Lake West Bloomfield MI   If you have been looking for a West Bloomfield Michigan home for sale on Walnut Lake, you’ve come to the right place.   There are many luxury lake homes in West

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Lakefront homes for sale in West Bloomfield Michigan

Lakefront homes for sale in West Bloomfield Michigan. West Bloomfield has several lakes that are large enough for water sports.  Lakes like Walnut and Pine Lake have attracted affluent buyers since the early 1900′s.  The people of Detroit  used to come

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10+ Great Cities to Live in the Suburbs of Detroit Michigan

If you are moving to the Detroit area or Metro Detroit as we call it you may be wondering what are the great cities to live in the suburbs of Detroit.  South East Michigan and the suburbs of Detroit is

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Cass Lake homes for sale West Bloomfield Mi

Here is the latest list of Cass Lake homes for sale in West Bloomfield Michigan.  I excluded all the condos and homes over a million dollars.  Cass  Lake is Oakland County’s largest lake at 1280 acres.  There is a state

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Have you been looking for the perfect home located in West Bloomfield Michigan? This will definitely help you find just that. West Bloomfield is a highly desirable area to live in and offers so much to its resident’s. If you

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Moving to West Bloomfield Michigan

If you are relocating to West Bloomfield because of a job transfer here is some good information for you.  Whenever you have a job relocation to the Detroit suburbs you may not be sure of your choice.  Let me tell

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5 Top Home buying tips for West Bloomfield MI

I am a huge believer of an “educated home buyer is a smarter home buyer”.  That is why I write articles of the home buying process in West Bloomfield.   Whether you become a client of mine or not I like