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Not so fast – Home Selling tips – Plymouth real estate selling tips

Ready for my Plymouth real estate selling tips about “Not so fast”.  Our Metro Detroit real estate market is red hot in the spring of 2013.  If you have a Plymouth home that is in good to excellent shape it

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Plymouth Foreclosures

Plymouth foreclosures are usually hard to come by and if you are lucky enough to find a great deal Plymouth is the place to be. Plymouth Michigan is considered to be an affluent community located about 30 minutes from downtown Detroit

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Andover Lakes Subdivision Plymouth Michigan

There were 11 Andover Lake subdivision homes that sold in 2012.  They were on the market an average of 61 days.  In the list below there was also one home that was leased for $2500 a month.  Andover Lake subdivision

Home inspections – Plymouth real estate & home buyer tips

  What is a home inspection for?  A home inspection’s primary reason is to determine the overall condition of the home and to point out major flaws.  You want to know whether it is a money pit that you are going to have to pour a

Real estate glossary the B’s – Plymouth real estate

 I have listed for you real estate glossary the B’s to better understand what each title means when it comes to real estate.   BALLOON PAYMENT – The final payment of a note or obligation, which is substantially larger than the previous installment payments, and which

Community Dog Training Class

  If you are a dog lover, here is a way for you and your family to enjoy a five week program “Community Dog Training Class” sponsored by the Plymouth Cultural Center.  All information is below. Community Dog Training Class Starts Next Wednesday, November

Play Hockey for Free Day!

  If you are looking for things to do for your kids, on Saturday, November 3, 2012 for boy or girls, the Plymouth Culture Center Ice Arena in Plymouth is having a Play Hockey for Free Day.  What a fun day the kids will have and it’s

4 Home Selling Tips – Plymouth Homes

Here are 4 home selling tips when selling your Plymouth home.  Your Plymouth home needs to be in tip top shape when you go to sell. There will be prospective buyers observing everything and anything in your home so it’s best to be one step ahead of them. 

Do you care about a centralized downtown? Wayne County relocation tips

Are you looking for a centralized down in Wayne County MI?  Are you moving to Michigan?  Do you need some relocation tips on where to live?  If you are looking for an middle class or upper middle class city with good to great schools with

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No I’m not – Life of a Plymouth realtor

  I had an out of state client that wanted to buy a home.  I may of lost him as a client, but he didn’t understand I didn’t want the liability.  He was here for a while looking at homes,