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What is earnest money?

I recently has a Metro Detroit first time home buyer ask “What is earnest money?”  Earnest money is basically good faith money.  When you write a purchase agreement on a home in Northville Michigan the seller will want you to put a deposit down on the house.  Usually they want about 1% of the sales price.  So what earnest money

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Northville Foreclosures as of 3-12-13

Northville is considered a higher-end community in Western Wayne County, with a large middle class, and having the highest property values among its neighbors. Northville has more luxury homes than any other community in Wayne County. Downtown Northville boasts old-fashioned street lamps glowing at night over the brick paved streets and Victorian era architecture; which are just some of the reason

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Northville foreclosures as of 1-31-13

We all know that times are tough in Michigan.  Many good, hardworking people have lost their jobs.  At the same time, mortgages have gotten more expensive.  As a result, thousands of Michigan residents have lost their homes due to mortgage foreclosures.  Thousands more are going through foreclosure right now.  Still more owe more money on their homes than their homes

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6 Home Selling Tips – Northville Homes

  Home Selling Tips are good to know especially when you get them from a real estate agent as myself. I have listed 6 Home Selling Tips to get you prepared for the day when you decide to sell your Northville Home. You want to make a good impression for the prospective buyer. When they walk into your Northville home

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Northville real estate – Moving to Detroit suburbs

 What are the prevalent home styles in Northville real estate.  I guess I would say it is colonials.  Northville lot prices and land prices have skyrockets in the last few years.  So it is not economical to build small homes.  It’s not economical to build ranch homes.  The land costs too much now days. Back in the early days of Northville much of the

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Sorry you no longer own the house – Northville real estate tips

  A client called me up today 2 weeks after they closed on their home.  They had just realized they had left a table in their Northville home’s basement.  The closing was two weeks ago.  They had driven by the house and nobody was there.  They wanted to know if it was okay to go inside.  They still had the garage code.

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What is staging – Staging your Northville home – Northville real estate

  What is staging?  Staging is anything you can do to improve the appearance of your Northville home prior to selling it. Home Staging can run the gamut – from cleaning to arranging furniture and adding accessories, to a full-scale re doing of the house. Many time the most important part of staging is repainting and decluttering your Northville home.  What we are trying to do is sell your

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Northville relocation – Northville real estate

  When you have a Northville relocation in your future you will want to know what your choices will be.  What is Northville real estate like.  I am going to focus on the City of Northville real estate. The City of Northville is centered about the old time downtown.  Many of the homes are old Victorian homes.  Some of them date back to the mid 1800’s.  Many

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6 Home Selling Tips – Northville Homes

When selling your Northville Home it is good to get tips and advice from none other than a realtor so you know that you are getting good information and covering all bases to make your home as attractive as it can be for that prospective buyer.  These 6 home selling tips can make your Northville Home inside or out presentable when you have potential buyers walk through your Northville Home for the first time. 1)

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Halloween “Trick or Treat” Hours

  Come one come all to Northville Halloween “Trick or Treat” extravanganza sponsored by The Charter Township of Northville.  It will be fun for the whole family. See date & hours below: HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT HOURS CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF NORTHVILLE NOTICE TO THE RESIDENTS HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT HOURS The Charter Township of Northville is hereby giving notice that Halloween “Trick or Treat” will be held

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