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Halloween fun is just around the corner!!!

The day is almost here…. Halloween fun is just around the corner….. can you hardly wait to storm the neighborhoods, looking for the best candy you can find….. can you hardly wait for pounds and pounds of candy to be

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Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night!

Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night!  Get ready to hoot and howl! tonight is national howl t the moon night! and i know for all you werewolves out there this is your favorite holiday! As Aldo Leopold wrote, “only the mountain

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Pumpkin Party Appreciation!!!

Well the pumpkin give away party was a success!!! We all had a great time meeting new friends and visiting with old friends. We had plenty of pumpkins to go around and the cider and donuts were delicious. We truly appreciate

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National Face Your Fear Day!!!

National Face Your Fear Day!!!  we all have them…. whether we think about them constantly or not. Whether we let them consume us or not. Whether we show them or not. We all have fears. Big or small, most of

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Pumpkin Give Away Party!!!

PUMPKIN GIVE AWAY PARTY!!! Saturday, October 17th, 10 Am- all the pumpkins are gone! Keller Williams Realty Office 2730 Union Lake Rd, Commerce Twp MI, 48382 Come join the fun, all are welcome, the more…. the merrier! You wont want

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Day of National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness

While todays holiday is spread throughout the month and even months after, as I was reading more about this holiday, I realized that the people in this article have a point. Today is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and while

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast cancer, this terrible disease effects so many women across the county. Leaving their families in turmoil, and their last few months spent suffering; usually in a hospital bed. Of course not all women who develop breast

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National Mulled Cider Day!!!

HAPPY NATIONAL MULLED CIDER DAY!!! Mulled cider gets its name from the definition of mull, which means to flavor a beverage by heating it and adding spices. Mulled cider is a hot or warm drink, typically made from apple juice or cider,

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Thoughtful Thursday!!!!

Today is national thoughtful Thursday!!! adjective; 1. showing consideration for others; considerate.         What a great holiday to get to celebrate! I’m Sure most of us have heard the saying its the thought that counts , and i truly believe it is.    

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National Gossip Day!!

Today is among one of the strangest national holidays I’ve heard of, but a holiday none the less. Its…. dare I say it… National Gossip Day!!!         I know gossip is such an ugly habit that society

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