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Why you should use the realtor’s recommended lender – SE Michigan home buyer tips

It’s not easy to pick a good South Eastern Michigan mortgage loan officer especially if you have never used one before.   Why do I say that?  Because you do not know if the loan officer will be responsive or communicate with

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Michigan Home buyer bonus

   Are you thinking of buying a home?  It always helps to have extra money when you buy a home because you always need to buy items for the house after you close.  Well here is a easy way of

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Metro Detroit Home Buyer Bonus

Thinking of buying a home in metro Detroit?  Get a great home buyer bonus from a realtor that is: One Michigan’s top 2% of realtors Has 5 star reviews on Zillow, Trulia, Angie’s List, and Yelp Has helped hundreds of

Biggest mistake of Metro Detroit home buyers

So what is the biggest mistake of Metro Detroit home buyers?  I believe the biggest mistake of Metro Detroit home buyers is the lack of preparedness.  What I mean by that is not knowing what you are getting into, or

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First Time Metro Detroit Home Buyers

So many first time metro Detroit home buyers do not really think about the goal line when starting on their home purchase.  So what is the purpose of buying a home?  Is it the freedom to do what you want in your

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Hiring the right Metro realtor – top Michigan realtors

  If you look at most realtor’s biography you will see that they are selling multi million dollars of real estate.  So what does that really mean to you as a buyer in the Michigan real estate market?  Some may

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#1 Financial Move when buying a Michigan home

  So many home buyers enter into the home buying process without realizing that it is just not about buying a home.  It is also about make a smart investment.  Would you put $5000 into a mutual fund or a stock

What are comps? Metro Detroit home buying tips

If you are a Metro Detroit first time home buyer you may not know some of the terminology, the jargon that real estate agents use.  One of the word that you will hear me use a lot is “comps”.  Comps

Which Rochester Hills home do you chose – Michigan home buyer tips

I have been out showing some Michigan home buyers properties in Rochester Hills.  They had narrowed it down to three different home in Rochester Hills MI.  They asked me which house should they buy.  I told them that I could not

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Michigan real estate talk – home buyer worries

When buying a Michigan home many home buyer’s worry about unpaid taxes and unpaid water bills.  Yes they are a lien on the home and could be costly.    Water bills in Michigan will be added into the taxes if not

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