Put away the collections – Metro Detroit home selling tips

You want to appeal to all these people

One of the things you want to do when selling your Metro Detroit home is to appeal to the greatest audience of home buyers you can.  So how do you go about this?  How do you as a Metro Detroit home seller achieve this objective?  You want your home to be neutral.  You may think this is blah, but you have to realize that everybody has their own preferences and likes.  That is why we tell you to paint your home a light brown or beige.  Some people just may not like the bright red or dark brown accent walls you have.  Neutral is the key to appealing to the greatest audience of home buyers you can.

So how do we apply this to your décor?  We want to make you décor neutral.  Nothing offensive.  No décor that will sway the buyer one way or another.  No décor that would make the buyer dislike your house.  No décor that will make the buyer to hate your home.  No décor that will make the buyer stare or admire the décor instead of looking at the house.  We want the décor to compliment the house.  We want the house to be the focus and the décor to add to the beauty of the house.  Not to overwhelm the buyer.  We want them to identify with your home, and they may not be able to do it if they do not identify with your collection.  So pack it away.  You are moving, so think of it as pre-packing.

You may love it, but others may be scared of it

So now you must put away your collections:

  • Plate collections
  • Salt and Pepper collections
  • Doll collections
  • Clown collections
  • Star War collections
  • Toy collections
  • Antique collections

Time to pre-pack your collection so buyers are not spending time admiring them.

This will deter any U of M fan from buying your homeI have seen collections take over whole rooms and run throughout the whole house as the main theme.  Even Coca-Cola rooms, or college decorated rooms.  College decorated rooms can be a real no-no.  Sure you can be a die hard fan, but put it on hold while you are selling your home.   I have been in houses where there was an Ohio State room.  I took two buyers through the house.  They both ended up disliking the house.  One of the buyers criteria was exactly like the house, but it was the room that swayed the buyers away from the house.  So pack up the college room too.  Whether you love the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Minnesota Vikings pack it away.

This will deter any U of M fan from buying your home

If you want to appeal to the biggest number of home buyers put the deer head away

One more area I really need to touch on is animals.  I mean trophies, mounts on the wall, stuffed animals.  Sure you are a great hunter and you are proud of your talents, but take those heads down.  Pack up the stuffed trophies.  Otherwise you will have the animal lovers running out of your house.  You want your home to appeal to them too.  They may be the one buyer that really loves your house.  You don’t want to lose any buyer because that buyer might have been the buyer that puts in the offer.









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Client testimonials

Dear Russ,

My Husband and I have been in our new home for about 3 years and we wanted to sell.  Russ came out and told us what we really needed to do.. Little touches that we did not think of.  We are now in our new home and we are really happy.  You are my #1 Realtor and I will recommend you to my family, friends and any one else who need to buy or sell real estate.

Best Regards

Nabila & Joe


My house had got to be too much after my husband died.  It was time to move to a smaller place.  This had been our home for so many years and it was heart breaking to me to move.  I did not want to do to much to the house as I did not want to change the house.  It was to emotional for me.  Russ helped me sell the home as is so I could move onto the next phase of my life.   He helped steady my nerves when my emotions got too much for me.  He was a blessing and helped me so much.  I would recommend Russ whether you are a senior looking to downsize or any home seller.                      Mary


Call Russ at (248) 310-6239 to help you make your next move

Russ was recommended by a friend of ours who used Russ to buy his home a few years back.  We wanted to buy downriver, but we were worried that Russ would not go that far.  We were so happy that Russ was able to show us houses late at night, on Saturdays and Sundays.  Whenever we need to go see a home, Russ worked it out in his schedule to make time for us.  We were scared of the home buying process.  We had heard stories about inspection problems, appraisal problems and mortgage issues from our friends.  It seemed like our friends had all sorts of problems buying our home.  With Russ we never had a problem at all.  His team of mortgage people and inspectors were great.  Russ stayed on top of the mortgage lender and headed off the issues before they became a problem to us.  We had several concerns with the home inspection but Russ’ negotiation skills helped us get what we wanted.  If you are going to buy a home anywhere in the Metro area I would say call Russ.  He works all of Metro Detroit and he will treat you like you were an old friend.

Matt Prush



I first started looking at real estate listings online nearly a year ago, but at first I thought I´d never really buy one. I hadn´t been paying attention and thought I still couldn´t afford to buy a place. I also had no experience in buying a home and I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing before I bought. For most questions I would search online, the topic had been discussed on Russ´ blog.  Not only that, he was local. Over the summer, I finally decided to start physically looking at houses and Russ was the only choice.

My preferred method of contact was email and he always responded in a timely fashion. He was patient with this first-time home buyer, and worked with me through my initial bid process. I was surprised when they accepted the bid! The transaction went smoothly, with Russ patiently answering any questions and concerns I had. From the first time we looked at houses to the closing was exactly one month. I´ve been here five months now and people still marvel at what I got for the price I paid. When I requested a plumber, he was able to provide one was lived close by and was economical.

Thanks for everything, Russ.

~ Christine M.


Get more than just an experienced realtor that negotiates great

I was a young single woman that had never bought a home before. One of my co-workers who has bought and sold homes with Russ recommended him. I wanted an updated home in a good community that did not have a lot of problems or that was going to be a money pit. I wanted to stay in a specific price range too. Russ never pushed me to buy any home. He knew I could afford a higher price home, but he never tried to get me to buy a more expensive home even though it would have been easier to find the updated home I wanted. We found the home that fits me and I love it. If you need a realtor that will look out for you I say call Russ.

Ms Paul


Russ is the best real state agent you can find in this area. He has helped me twice to sell a home and three times to buy a home.  For my first home we spent almost 6 months looking for something me and my family liked. Russ kept showing us as many properties we liked without getting PUSHY. He never tried to influence our decision to buy a particular property but was always there to help us make a right decision. He showed professionalism, expertise and excellent knowledge of the area – Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester Hills and everywhere else. For my second house as well he quickly became available and helped us search our new home. Russ also helped us sell the first house and walked us through the entire process really well. He did all the advertisement, photos, write-up and everything it takes to sell a house. He even mopped my floor and helped us in getting it painted. Did I mention, I wasn’t even in Michigan when Russ helped us sell the house? Like I said, if you are in the area looking for your next house or planning to sell, give a call to Russ…without any doubts.

Anarag Bansal


Hire a full time experienced real estate agent that negotiates well

My husband and I chose Russ to be our real estate agent after a friend highly recommended him.  We were moving here from Canada and only had a few days to look at homes.  When we came in to town, Russ went far above the call of duty.  He had thoroughly planned our 2 days and had numerous homes lined up for us to view.  After talking to us briefly and asking us a few questions before our arrival, he new exactly what types of homes would be ideal for us.  After searching for a short time he found the perfect home for us.

After the sale, Russ even met our painters, carpet cleaners and home inspector at our new home since we were still out of town.  He also gave us detailed lists of available utility companies, schools, cable services, cleaning companies, house cleaners, fun things to do and wonderful restaurants in the area.  Russ made the entire experience enjoyable and easy.  He has a laid back, genuine personality and my entire family felt comfortable with him immediately.  He feels like a friend not just our real estate agent.

I would HIGHLY recommend Russ to anyone with complete confidence.

Lindsay Gourneau



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