Plymouth real estate update May 2012

Plymouth real estate update May 2012

With spring of 2012 has come the hot Plymouth real estate market. There are just so few homes on the market that it has become a sellers market. It is a great time to sell your home. If you are a buyer then it is a lot tougher to find the home you want. Be prepared to get into bidding wars, losing houses before you even get to see them or put into a bid.

The Plymouth real estate market is that hot. I listed a Plymouth home a week ago and it sold in 2 days. We had three offers on the house and it went within 1.5% of list price. And we had priced it high because it was a hot sellers market. So my advice to Plymouth home sellers if their home is in good to excellent condition is to price it at the upper end of the price range. Don’t be a hog and over price it! Look at the comparables and price it at the high end if the home has been updated and if the realtor thinks it is a great home.

My thoughts to Plymouth home buyers is to be prepared. Have your pre-approval ready. Be ready to put in an offer as soon as you look at the house if you like it. Unfortunately some clients never get on board and they end up looking for months and months. If you are a thinker and need a week to make a decision then you are most likely going to miss out on the best homes. It’s just that simple.

I had one client that complained that their first real estate agent never got them into the homes quick enough and they were always sold. Then I found out why. They could never look at houses until Sunday. By then they had been on the market for 6 days and sometimes sold. You can not do that in this Plymouth real estate market. Get out and look at the homes right away. That is the first step.

This is just a quick update of what is happening in Plymouth real estate. If you have questions feel free to call me on my cell (248)310-6239

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