Plymouth MI Green festival

Plymouth MI Photos during the spring

Plymouth MI is a great little town located in Wayne County MI.  What is great about the City of Plymouth is that they are trying hard to keep the old downtown area alive by bringing in people from outside the city to visit by promoting different festivals throughout the year.  ( And they are doing a great job of it)  The festivals they have appeal to different lifestyles so everybody will have a favoritePlymouth MI festival.

Kellog Park Plymouth Mi

The Plymouth festivals are:

  • Plymouth Ice festival
  • The Green festival
  • Plymouth Art in the Park
  • The Chili Cookoff
  • The Plymouth fall festival

downtown Plymouth MI festivals

Sometimes these Plymouth festivals draw a couple of hundred thousand people that shop and eat in all the local Plymouth restaurants.   They bring tourist dollars to the city.  Plymouth’s Art in the Park is one of the top ranked Arts and Craft show in the state.  I think it is only behind Ann Arbors Street fair in size and the number of people that attend.  Even in the frigid cold month of January the Plymouth Ice Spectacular draws huge crowds.  It keeps the local businesses afloat by bringing in outside dollars and makes the old time downtown a place to “be”.  Green Festival Plymouth MI 2009It’s fun to go down there whether you are young or old.  Kellogg Park comes alive.  Here are pictures of the “Green festival”  The green festival had vendors  and information on how to make your house and yard more green.  Plus it was fun.    How to recycle, and how to plant your garden to conserve water.

Plymouth green festival MI

The Green Festival doesn’t draw the type of crowds yet that Art in the Park or the Fall festivaldoes but I think as time goes on it will.  With more and more people wanting to “be green”  I think there will be more interest.

Green Festival Plymouth MI 2009

There was a petting zoo, and a box city for the kids to play in.  There were even facepainting, and sand art for the kids.  Plymouth MI Festivals are a great way to spend the day whether you live in Plymouth, Northville, Canton or any Oakland or Livingston county city.

Box city green festival Plymouth MI

Petting zoo at green festival Plymouth MI

Plymouth is a great little town to live in.  For more information about:


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