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Welcome to my Northville home selling tips page on painting.  When selling your Northville home you will sell it quicker and for more money if it is move in ready.  A quick fresh coat of paint will do wonders on how your Northville home shows.  My recommendation is to paint ALL The WALLS a neutral color.  Off whites, light beiges, very light browns, light yellows, or light grays are fine.  Your trim should be either natural (varnished) or painted white.  Painting brings one of the biggest bangs for the buck.  It will make a world of difference selling your home if you have dark or walls that are marked up.

I have seen homes with small nicks and marks on the walls that kept the house from selling.  So here are some painting tips.

How to choose the right paint finish.  Basically paint comes in 5 basic finishes:

* FLAT – Dull, matte look.  NO shine. Flat paint is usually a few dollars cheaper than the others. Good for use: Walls in bedrooms, living space, offices

* EGGSHELL – a little crackly, covers little blemishes, just like the shell of an egg!  Slight sheen, but not shiny.   Good for use: Walls in bedrooms, living space, offices (this is my preference for WALLS)

* SATIN- smooth velvety look with a bit of gloss to it. Holds up well to some light cleaning, so it’s great in kitchens and bathrooms Good for use in: Walls in Kitchens, Bathrooms and TRIMS on windows, doors

* SEMI-GLOSS – More shine than Satin; a great choice for Trims and kitchens/bathrooms.  Wipes up well. Good for use on: Trims on windows, and doors

* GLOSSY – very high shine/gloss.  Not widely used. Use for: FURNITURE


How to  determine the Amount of Paint Needed

Add the width of all the walls in the room together and multiply the number by the height of one wall (from floor to ceiling). Take the total and subtract the total area of all the doors, windows, archways, etc. This will get you the exact area of wall space you’ll need to paint. A general rule of thumb is that a flat surface usually requires one gallon for every 400 square feet. Take into account how many coats you think you’ll need to do.

How to choose the right roller and right nap of the roller

Popcorn ceiling use 1″ to 1½ nap rollers.
Rough (stucco) textured walls use 1″ to ¾” nap rollers.
Heavy textured walls use ¾” nap rollers.
Lightly textured walls use ½” to ¾” nap rollers.
Smooth textured walls use ½ to ¾ nap rollers.
Doors and furniture use ¼”, 3/8″ to ½” nap rollers.

How to chose a paint brush  If you’re using latex paint you’ll need synthetic bristles, but if you’re using oil-based paint or a varnish, spend the extra money to get a good quality natural bristle brush. The better the quality of natural bristles the smoother and glossier the finish you’ll achieve.  The handle doesn’t matter choose one that feels good in your hand.  If you only paint occasionally a medium priced brush is fine.

Miscellaneous paint tips

1.)  Avoid real cheap paint.  It just isn’t worth the savings.  It takes longer to dry and will often feel  slightly sticky for months (or years) afterward

2.)   Paint From the Top Down.  Always start painting from the highest area to the lowest. Start with the ceiling or top of the walls and work your way down. This way you can catch any drips and it won’t ruin a freshly painted wall.

3.)  If you are planning to use your brush the next day you can wrap your brush in plastic and store it in the refrigerator to keep it from drying out

3.)  Painting a small room in a dark color will make it feel smaller.  Try painting just one accent wall instead.

4.)  Painting a dark room with a light color will make it feel brighter.

5.)  Thin Coats Are Better Than Thick.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is to put too much paint on the brush. It’s far more effective to put a small amount on the brush or roller and use long, even strokes to apply thin coats. It’s tempting to slather on a lot of paint in the hopes of not having to do another coat, but the end result won’t look as good.  Several thin coats will do a better job of covering the walls than one thick coat.

I hope these painting tips and Northville home selling tips help you get top dollar for your home.  That is our goal to get you the most money in your pocket.  Call me today on my cell (248)310-6239 to set up a consultation on how to stage your home.

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