Oakland Twp’s Most Expensive Home for Sale

Oakland Township’s Most Expensive

Home For Sale!!!

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Can you imagine driving down the road and turning into this beautiful driveway everyday with and even more beautiful home behind it…. i know it might be hard for some to think there are homes as gorgeous as this one but here it is. With the fantastic landscaping and luxurious architecture. as soon as you walk into this home you’ll see how great it truly is you will fall in love! this home have an abundance of rooms, perfect for those how have a large family or love to entertain. a massive outdoor garage/ barn/ storage area, which could be used to host a grand party so the inside of your fabulous homes has no potential for damage.  not to mention your typical house with a helicopter pad in the back just in case you need to make a dramatic entrance!  these homes are always interesting to  see how some people live and how uniquely they use the amount of space they have… i mean who wouldn’t want a helicopter pad in their backyard!? i know i would! so when you look at Oakland Twp’s most expensive homes for sale you can see that these aren’t your average homes, with ten bedrooms, these are homes that have had someones creative mind put to use and a craftsman’s structural brain put to work, this home is a home fit for those with royal intentions and a rustic heart. you get a great combination of style in this home…. whether its the rustic exterior the modern bathrooms, the Grecian pools or the exciting entertainment rooms, the pops of color and the warmth of the stones. this home will capture your heart and your sense of style when you see it in person. believe me I’ve only seen the pictures and i’m already in love! so be sure that if you want to tour some of Oakland twp’s most expensive homes for sale that you call me, Russ Ravary, I will help find you the best of the best and get you in to see them in a timely fashion! we can only start with a hello and finding out what you wants and needs are… so help me help you and make the call to (248)310-62369 or email at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com and we can start your journey into home buying!

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