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Many people relocate to Michigan but you might be surprised at some of these facts about Oakland County even if you have lived here all your life.

If you have a Michigan relocation in your future you are going to be researching where to live. Oakland County is one of 5 counties that are located close to Metro Detroit.  Out of the 5 Counties Oakland County is the wealthiest county.  Oakland County has lots of lakefront properties, high end coummunities, and excellent school systems.

  • Oakland County has more people than each of these states: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming and the District of Columbia.
  • Oakland County population is 1,206,089 as of 2007
  • Pontiac is the county seat
  • Nine out of the ten automotive parts suppliers on the Fortune 500 list have locations in Oakland County
  • One third of Oakland County’s residents 496,069 are children.
  • Oakland County has 320 inland lakes (lots of water front property)
  • Oakland County ranks 31st in population of all U.S. Counties.
  • Oakland County ranked 2nd in per capita income of counties with population over a Million people
  • Only seven metro areas nation wide have a median Effective Buying Income higher than Oakland County’s $54,804.
  • On January 12, 1819, Oakland County was officially organized and was named for its numerous oak trees
  • Oakland County is located north and west of the City of Detroit.  Much of Oakland County is located north of 8 Mile Rd
  • Oakland County ha s 26 private and 56 public golf courses with 1,443 golf holes available.
  • Oakland County has 6 state recreation areas, 3 state parks, and 2 metro parks providing Michigan’s second largest county population with an abundance of leisure opportunity
  • Oakland’s retail sales of $25 billion ranked 20th among all counties in 2006. This exceeded the total retail sales of 14 different states and the District of Columbia.
  • Size of the county is 872 square miles
  • Sixty percent of Fortune 500 companies and 50% of Global Fortune 500 companies have business locations in Oakland County.
  • Oakland County is Michigan’s leading center for international commercial activity with over 700 companies representing 33 countries with business locations in the County.
  • 910 business establishments representing over 700 foreign-parent firms are currently operating in Oakland County.

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