Oakland County home selling tips – hiring a realtor

Here is my Oakland County home selling tip on hiring a realtor.  I am a little frustrated this weekend after trying to set up some showings for a buyer client.  I was trying to get into a home in Commerce MI.  Since yesterday I called one Oakland County real estate office.  They we closed at 5 pm.  Instead of just being switched to the company they hired.  You had to listen all the way through the message, take a new number down, hang up the phone and then call to set the appointment again.  So I called their company they had no showing instructions for the Commerce home.  So then I called the realtor.  Her voice mail was full.

I called here twice, emailed her twice, and texted her twice.  Never heard from this realtor at all.  This is sometimes not unusual.  Sometimes it is hard to get ahold of a realtor.  Yes you may think it is no big deal to have to dial another number to see a home.  However, buyers today are about wanting to see a home when they want to see a home.  It is at their convenience.  This is a huge thing if you are selling an Oakland County home or any home in the Metro Detroit area.

Your realtor needs to be available.  Yes they do need to answer the phone on the weekends.  What happens if somebody sent you an offer with a deadline on it?  I have had many buyers never go back to a home that they missed seeing.  They forget about it.  The buyer may cross it off the list because they thought about it more.  Our goal as your listing agent is to advertise the heck out of your home, and then get every buyer into your home that we can.  It is all about numbers.  Just like any sales job.  The more buyers that view on line, then a certain number will see it, and then you have a chance of selling your home.  If you have fewer buyers looking at your home then you are going to have a smaller chance of selling it.

So when hiring an Oakland County realtor call the prospective office and realtor a couple of times.  Is their voicemail full?  No realtor should have a full voice mail.  It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If the voicemail is full you may be losing a showing like the lady did today, or maybe even an offer.  Would you want your home to lose a showing because your listing agent couldn’t answer the phone or even get a voice mail.

Also when hiring an Oakland County realtor you want a realtor that either has long office hours or has a service that will take appointments at night and on the weekend.  You would be surprised but there are real estate offices that are closed on Sunday.  I think you will agree that many people go to look at houses on Sunday.  Nobody there to answer the phone means nobody coming to see your home.

I hope this Oakland County home selling tips helps you hire a good realtor that is available to answer the phone to show your home, to take an offer, or to even answer questions.   It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a home in Wayne County or a home anywhere around Detroit.  You want a realtor that is available to other realtors and potential buyers that may call.  Click here to search homes.

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