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So we are getting close to closing on your Novi home.  Here is what you have to do for the water bill and what to expect.  Michigan water bills follow the house.  Communities many times just send a water bill to “occupant”.  So if a water bill is not paid, it gets added to the tax bill.  The water bill becomes a lien on the property.   Michigan title companies know this.  So if you are selling a Novi home the title company require you, the seller to pay up all past water bills.  They will escrow money for the water bill to be paid.  Many times the water escrow is 1.5 to 2 times the highest water bill you have had.  The reason why the title company does this is to protect themselves from there not being enough money to pay a past water bill.  We all know how high Novi water bills can be sometimes.  So the way around the large water escrow is to call for a final water reading.  Then you can run to the city and pay the final water bill or you can bring the final water bill to the closing or you can fax it to me and I will send it to the title company prior to closing.  That way there will be no huge water escrow. It is the same way with homes for sale in Walled Lake Michigan



Novi Homes

Novi Homes


You do not shut the water off when closing on your Novi home.  I hope these Novi real estate and selling tips help you prepare for your Novi sale.  Here are a couple more Michigan home selling tips  Smells & Milford home selling tips and 6 home selling tips for your Northville Township homes

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We also sell quite a few lakes homes in Oakland County.  So many people want the lake life style but never take the step of exploring whether they can afford a lake home.  Here is a list of  Private & Public Oakland County MI all sports lakes

I have also included 4 different lakes to look at:

Most of the lakes I have listed above are smaller private lakes.  Lakes that will have less expensive waterfront homes but that will still have that beautiful view of the water when you wake up each morning. 

Churchill Crossing subdivision Novi MI

Mortgage Document check for your Michigan home purchase

Wayne County real estate is taking longer to sell.

HOmes for sale in Novi MI

 So many of the good lake homes get sold before the average buyer even gets to see them.  I have seen homes sell in under a week.  The good lake homes go quick.  If you want the latest lake home listings emailed to you daily so you can look at them at your leisure.

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