Moving to Michigan

Many people are still relocating to Michigan.  Right now I am working with 3 young doctors that are doing their residency at Botsford Hospital and Providence Hospital.  This isn’t a blog about Michigan relocation but actually just a way of giving one of those clients a quick look at a Farmington Hills condo.

My doctor that is moving to Michigan spent a day looking at about 10 – 15 Farmington Hills Condos.  But after they went back they still wanted to see one more.  So I ran out there and took some pictures of the condo.  So really this is just a way of the relo people being able to see one more condo from out there.

Front entrance to both condos are close              dining room has mirrors on one side and sliding

glass doors on other side.  Brown carpet

White cabinets (not expensive cabinets) small tile.

View of dining room from living room.  You can see the kitchen in the back ground.  The carpet is worn in that walkway.  It would be possible to put a throw rug there.

Light chocolate carpeting is in decent shape.  This is view from the front door area.  Dining room is to the left of the living room.

here is the layout

BACK OF HOUSE small patio and tree line across back so you can’t see other condos too well.  Decently private


Kitchen                       Dining room      living room            2nd bedroom                     carport

Washer Dryer room      Wall                                            2nd bathroom

furnace room               small hallway    entrance               master bath/closet

garage                                                                         master bedroom



Kitchen Older applainces so-so cabinets

Laundry room left side

Laundry room


A little room in the kitchen for a small two person table

Furance room.  Door to the garage would be to the left by rug.                            Kitchen down the hall a little bit to the right of the picture.

Picture of dining room and living room from the door way of the kitchen.  Entrance way from the front door is on the right side of the picture.

My overall thoughts are

Tangle subdivision is much nicer.  Washer Dryer is a plus and a little storage area by furnace is good.

Middle’s I think is a nicer condo in terms of nicer cabinets and better carpeting and over all apperance.  Tangle is older and done cheaply. Middle’s kitchen bigger and I think over all dining and Living room is bigger there too.  I may be wrong.  Look at the room dimensions to be sure.    But Tangle has carport and closer parking. Tangle may be a 3 to 5 minute ride longer for both of you.

I myself think Middle is a cleaner nicer condo.


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