Moving to Michigan; Fun Facts! if you have a job transfer

If you are about to move to Michigan, you’ll want to know more about this wonderful state! Michigan is a great place to live and offers you and your family a variety of things to do and places to see.  I know a job transfer sometimes doesn’t give you much time to learn about where you are moving but I hope this helps. Michigan has hidden gems all over and as soon as you find them, they can take your breath away. Even the simplest of moments here can create a memory you’ll never forget. If you are from a warm state, seeing snow for the leave change, or our first snow fall can be a magical moment. Michigan is known for  a few things and if you keep reading you’ll find out what they are. I’m sure you’ll love our state and I can’t wait to help you find the home of your dreams! I am a lake real estate expert and I work with a lot of relocation buyers. If you are considering moving to Michigan, let me help make your next move easier! Give me a call and we’ll figure out the best place in Michigan for you and your family to grow… (248)310-6239 &

1. The Mitten and The U.P.

If you have a map handy you’ll notice that Michigan is a unique state. Not only is it surrounded by fresh water great lakes, but its also in two separate parts. The southern part of the state is famously shaped like a mitten. If you move here you’ll notice people using there hand to show where they are from. The U. P. (upper peninsula) is often a retreat for many Michiganders. The seasons are so beautiful throughout  Michigan, but especially in the U.P.  Come visit and see how beautiful the state truly is.

2. Michigan Wolverines!

The University of Michigan. A public university that is passionately supported by many Michigan residents. Michigan Stadium, nicknamed “The Big House”, is the football stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is the largest stadium in the United States, the second largest stadium in the world and the 34th largest sports venue. You’ll definitely feel the energy when you go to a game!

3. Try a Coney Dog.

If you are a fan of hot dogs, and your a fan of chili, then you’ll love this Michigan favorite. The classic Coney dog is a hot dog smothered in chili or “Coney Sauce” and occasionally topped with chopped onion and some mustard. This is a staple for Detroit especially. Often local restaurants put this item on their menus during baseball season or as a random special. You’re guaranteed to find this tasty treat at any Coney chain. This is something everyone should try when they come to Michigan.


4. Michigan Sports.

While we don’t have the best track record for all our professional sports as of late, the crowds are passionate none the less. This goes for college level sports as well. Go to a Michigan wolverine game against the Notre Dame Rival (whom they taught how to play Football back in 1879) and you’ll feel the crowds intense support.  As with many of out local college teams we get competitive and enthusiastic about our victories. Other sporting events such as hockey are huge in Michigan. Being so close to Canada you’d think we would have a common love for the game, and many Michiganders do. Any time of the year Detroit will be buzzing with fans and our professional sports team colors! I’m sure you’ll see a lot of people downtown enjoying a Coney dog and beer before, during, and after the games as well!

5. Michigan Winters.

Well you might have heard about Michigan winters, and how they’re sometimes unbearably cold, they tend to last longer than wanted, and make a surprise visit when you think spring has finally arrived. This is true… to an extent. Yes it does get very cold in Michigan, but trust me with a good coat and some proper winter boots you’ll be able to enjoy a beautifully snowy day with your family outside. The winters sometimes do seem never ending, this just means you get to enjoy your favorite winter sports longer! We do typically get a last minute snow shower… or storm, in April. But by may your usually in the clear. The good part about this is that you have more time to plan your spring clean ups and what type of flowers you’d like to purchase this year! It might not always be ideal, but it is always beautiful.

Falling snow

6. Affordable Michigan Homes.

While this can be true due to the decrease in population between 2000-2010, and the foreclosure crisis that hit Detroit, prices are low…. However this is a hot market and homes depending on your idea of affordable, can be expensive. A lot of homes are selling for more than they are worth because we have experienced a lack of homes to sell and an increase in buyers. The market has definitely shifted in the last few years and will continue to do so. If you are moving from a state where you are used to having higher home values then Michigan will definitely seem affordable. It’s all a bit relative to your personal situation and the housing market.

7. Michigan’s Beaches.

Michigan is a lake state! This is how you’ll get your H2O fix if you are used to living by the ocean… Our Great Lakes; Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan, all provide a ocean feel as they are huge. The plus side is they are all fresh water, so the salt wont burn your eyes or make you feel sticky afterwards. Michigan is filled with little lakes as well and all of them have unique beaches and water-bottoms. There are a few places in Michigan that will make you do a double take, thinking “this can’t be Michigan”. Pictured Rocks, a gorgeous spot where kayak tours take you to explore the clearest waters and the beautiful land formations. Petosky, This is a Michigan treasure as you’ll find unique stones that are only found here. Sleepy Bear Dunes, This is a family favorite as lake Michigan and the dunes take your breath away you’ll love camping and taking adventures here!

8. Cherry Festival.

Michigan is known for many things, some more prominent than others. But one I’m sure you’ve heard of is the Michigan cherry festival in Traverse city. Not only is Traverse city a gorgeous place to live or visit, the city also knows how to put on a great and tasty festival! Cherries are so delicious and her you’ll find them in so many forms; From simple cherries, to pies,or juices, and jams, you’ll find delicious cherry treats here and that’s a guarantee!


9. Michigan & It’s Scenic Lighthouses.

Michigan’s large lakes were once used for moving timber and other goods along the lakes as a staple to the states economy. The lighthouses were a necessity back then for those traveling the waters. Now they serve as historic landmarks and are a beautiful representation of the states past. You can go to Pure Michigan to find out more about our beautiful landmarks. Or do  Lake Michigan’s lighthouse circle tour. 

10. Craft Beer Thriving in Michigan.

Michigan is a craft beer haven. There are plenty of craft beer companies I’m sure you’ve heard of that are originated in Michigan! There are many more starting up as well. Breweries are big here. Some of the companies you’ll likely have heard of are: Founders Brewing Co., Bells Brewery, New Holland Brewing Company, Shorts Brewing company, Atwater Brewery, and many others and counting. These are just a few big names of breweries that are native to Michigan and are delicious treats after a long day. Next time your in Michigan or when you move to Michigan, be sure to pick up a six pack and support our local breweries!

11. Northern Lights in Michigan.

This is another beautiful gift Michigan gives us lucky residents. Not all of the state can truly see the Northern Lights. But if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see them after moving to Michigan. You’ll likely have better odds looking for them over Lake Superior.Optimal conditions are required, however. But when the light pollution is out of your way and you see the breath taking Northern Lights you’ll be happy you made the right move to pure Michigan.



Here is a resource we used to help find fun facts about Michigan, take a look!

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