Moving to Michigan – Weather in Detroit Michigan in November

Grey skies are part of Michigan’s winters

If you have a job relocation to the Detroit suburbs you may wonder what the weather is like in November in the Metro Detroit area.  I have to say we have some of the safest weather in the country.  We have no hurricanes here.  We really do not have major destructive flooding because normally we do not get the amounts of rainfall that other parts of the country get.  The highest average amount of rainfall that we get in any one month is 4 inches.  There are parts of the country that get 4 to 6 inches sometimes in a 24 hour period.  Getting that amount of rainfall will cause the rivers to rise and flooding to occur.  We just do not get that.  It is the same way with snow in the suburbs of metro Detroit.  Our average snowfall for the year is just 40 inches spread out over 4 months.

We have no major earthquakes like California.  Every once in a great while we might get a small tremor, but it is very, very rare.  Never causing any damage.  So you can feel safe and never have to worry about your house falling down or a river rising and flooding your home on a regular basis.  Yes there are areas and rivers that have spring flooding.  Be sure to ask your Michigan relocation realtor about flooding if you are going to buy a home along a river or low lying area.

Yes we do get a tornado now and then.  Usually it is our rural areas around metro Detroit that will have a tornado.  We do not have a tornado alley, frequent tornados, nor Cat 5 tornados like they do down south.  So when you move to Michigan you will like the safety of our weather.  Michigan is a great place to live.  You will love it here.

Still fall colors in November in Michigan

So let’s talk about weather in Detroit Michigan in November .  Fall colors are usually winding down in the first two weeks of November.  By mid November in most years the leaves will be off the trees.  The average low temperature in the Detroit area in November is 33.5 or 36 degrees Fahrenheit depending on which website you believe.  The average high temperature in SE Michigan in November is 47.8 or 49 degrees again depending on which website you believe in.  The record low temperature in November in Detroit was 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 1958.  The record high temperature in Detroit area was 81 degrees in 1950.

The average rainfall  is 2.66 inches.  It is usually a cool rain with a breeze.  On the opposite is .1 to .5 inches of snow on the high side.  So basically in November you might see a rain, snow, sleet mix once in a while that will be very short lived.  That .1 to .5 inches of snow will be just a flurry that will not last long on the ground.

The one effect that I always am amazed about is the wind in November.  They call it the Gales of November here in Michigan.  It is like God planned when the leaves fell off the trees that the winds picked up.  The trees are not likely to fall over as they would be if they were full of leaves.  The high winds drop the leaves and the acorns off the Oak trees which are very plentiful in Metro Detroit.    Our wind mainly comes from the SW or WSW.  The average wind spends in November in Metro Detroit is 11.8 to 12.5 miles and hours.  Though we get major storms of 30 and 40 mph winds now and then.  The average water temperature in November is 43 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

No boats out this cool November day

The last part of our November weather I want to talk about is the clouds.  We are starting to enter our “grey season”.   We do have many grey days.  57% of the time we have cloud cover.  They say the average hours of sunshine In November is 3 hours.  Overall November is not a bad weather month.  It is just preparing to our 3 winter months of December, January, and February.

Michigan is a great place to live and you will see many people enjoying the outdoors in November.  Still going to the cider mills, enjoying football games, and cleaning up their yards.  I hope this little segment on Michigan weather in November gives you an idea of what to expect when moving to Michigan.  A job transfer to Michigan can be very good for you and your family.  I have talked to people that have left Michigan because of jobs and I have never heard of anybody hating Michigan.  So many of them had very fond memories of their move to Michigan.

Let me be the first to welcome you to Michigan.  If you need a good experienced relocation real estate agent give me a call at (248)310-6239.  I work with all the relocation companies.  If you did not know….you can pick your own real estate agent.  I would just have to sign a document giving a referral fee to your relocation company.  So feel free to reach out to me with questions.  I know the area well.  It does not matter whether you have a job transfer to Novi or a move to W Bloomfield MI give me a call.

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So much to do and so much fun to be had in a Metro Detroit relocation – Don’t you believe it or you will base your worries on a small part of Detroit and not of the whole area.


Enjoy your move and if I can make it easier give me a call (248) 310-6239

Russ Ravary


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