Moving to Michigan – South Eastern Real Estate!

Moving to Michigan – South Eastern Real Estate!

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Are you relocating to Michigan or moving to Michigan because of a job, to be closer to family, or simply just a change of scenery? Moving to Michigan can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Not when you have a realtor like myself. Michigan is a beautiful place to move to and can really offer you a wide range of activities, scenery, and much more, for you and your family to enjoy. If i had to choose one thing about Michigan that makes people from out of state really want to move here… it would have to be our natural resources! That’s what really make you want to move to Michigan.  You may be transferring here because of a job, but life is just not about a job; it’s about living and enjoying all that you can! I can show you places that most people wouldn’t believe exist in Michigan! There are plenty of weekend get away location that will take you breath away or will excite the kids. so much so that you and the family will be counting the days to when you can have more Michigan explore time!

Moving to Michigan can open up so many opportunities to explore the natural resources of Michigan.   Our lakes, our golf courses, the rivers, the state parks, the county parks, the ski hills, etc.  There is so much to do.  Whether you are a runner, a boater, a golfer, a hiker, a biker, a fisherman, a hunter, or kayaker.   If there is something to do outside we have it.  Great Lakes coast totals 3,288 mi, more coastline than any state but Alaska.  The great lakes around Michigan is 1/6 of the world’s freshwater supply.  So you are never going to run out of water here.  As compared to California, or Arizona.  If you are an active golfer… they say Michigan has more golf courses than any other state!

Michigan has so much to offer even if you are not an outdoors person. Come explore everything Michigan has to offer and so much more! Just call me Russ Ravary and I will provide you will all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, not just as a Michigan realtor, but a Michigan Resident!

Call Russ Ravary; We look forward to help make your next move easier!

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Negotiating can feel like a game of tug of war! No matter what state you live in it can be difficult or frustrating!But it doesn’t have to be… Working with a realtor, that knows how to communicate well with, not just you, but the other parties in the deal is very important. I have put together a few tips on how to successfully negotiate on your next home! Many people have responded well with this video, so I feel its great to share, with you and anyone else buying or selling a home!

If you’ve found any of this information helpful and want to set up a time to meet or chat on the phone, feel free to email or call me anytime! (248)310-6239 &

I hope to help more people enjoy the home buying process and feel at ease even long after our closings. Many of the people I have met through real estate, have become lifelong friends. I work hard so you can have an easy move. This is a time that should be exciting and fun! I know it can be a little nerve-wrecking  or scary; but I promise when working with me, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing you’ve got a reliable, knowledgeable, and hard working realtor in your corner. So give me a call or shoot me an email, I’ll be happy to help answer any questions you might have!

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 Here are some kind words  previous, and current, clients have had to say about their experience working with me!


“Russ is the best real state agent you can find in this area. He has helped me twice to buy a home. For my first home we spent almost 6 months looking for something me and my family liked. Russ kept showing us as many properties we liked without getting PUSHY. He never tried to influence our decision to buy a particular property but was always there to help us make a right decision. He showed professionalism, expertise and excellent knowledge of the area – Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester Hills and everywhere else. For my second house as well he quickly became available and helped us search our new home. Russ also helped us sell the first house and walked us through the entire process really well. He did all the advertisement, photos, write-up and everything it takes to sell a house. He even mopped my floor and helped us in getting it painted. Did I mention, I wasn’t even in Michigan when Russ helped us sell the house? Like I said, if you are in the area looking for your next house or planning to sell, give a call to Russ…without any doubts.”

                                                          – Anarag Bansal



‘Relocating to Michigan from Texas this past summer (2009) was a really big decision for our family.  Of course, the most stressful part of a move is deciding not only where you want to live, but finding a house that fits into your price range and also fits your family’s personality.  With my husband traveling internationally for work and a child wrapping up the school year, we had only a specific time frame that allowed us to visit Michigan for house-hunting.  One of my husband’s work colleagues referred us Russ, and we contacted him to start our search.  The next day, Russ sent us lists of homes that fit our criteria and followed up with weekly updates, allowing us to develop a list of homes that we wanted to see during our house-hunting trip.  Russ is a consummate professional – his knowledge of the real estate in the Detroit Metro area is impressive! He also knows about schools, places of worship, things to do in particular areas…he really provided us with so much information that we really felt comfortable about our move.  Russ makes the effort to understand his clients very well…he knew right away whether we like a home or not, he paid attention to the details we liked, and also made great suggestions.
When we arrived in Michigan, Russ had made all the appointments and after looking for a couple of days, we narrowed our search down to our top 6 homes.  We made an offer on our favorite, which wasn’t successful.  But within hours, Russ called to say that a home we had seen ( but had been a little out of our price range) was now a short sale – and if we were still interested.  Through his expertise, we managed to get our dream house right before our daughter started her new school.  Russ stayed in touch with us  through every aspect of the transaction and kept us updated on all details.  We could also count on Russ for referrals to professionals such as plumbers, electricians, etc. for a few renovations we’ve done since moving in.   He is truly a treasure-trove of knowledge and his input should be trusted – he knows what he is talking about.
I’m a picky person.  My husband is a stickler for detail.  Our move was time-critical.  But Russ was so great to work with because he understood that about us and worked so hard to get us into a home that we truly love.  We can’t thank him enough! “

                                                        – The Heins



“I was a young single woman that had never bought a home before. One of my co-workers who has bought and sold homes with Russ recommended him. I wanted an updated home in a good community that did not have a lot of problems or that was going to be a money pit. I wanted to stay in a specific price range too. Russ never pushed me to buy any home. He knew I could afford a higher price home, but he never tried to get me to buy a more expensive home even though it would have been easier to find the updated home I wanted. We found the home that fits me and I love it. If you need a realtor that will look out for you I say call Russ.”  

                                                     -Ms Paul




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