Milford home buying tips – we’re looking but confused


If you are looking to buy a Milford home here is a tip for you.  When your agent give you the listing ticket or if you have printed one out make notes on them.

If you hate or no way you would ever buy it put a big X across it. Write notes about loving the kitchen, needs carpet, has a beautiful finished basement, only have a few years left on the roof.  Whatever you like or dislike about the house write it down on the listing ticket if it is a maybe.

Every time you go out rank the homes.  You want to know your numbers 1, 2, & 3.  If you can save the papers in a folder or notebook.  Believe or not if you are looking for a while you will forget you even saw some of the houses.  I even forget after a while.  Sometimes agent re-list the home as new.  Saving your notes will save you from seeing the house again.

Sometimes it’s good to name the house.  The house may have country décor, or look like your grandma’s house but you like it. Name it so you have a memory of it.  If you see six or seven houses in a day if will become confusing.  The homes will start to run together.

Keeping notes and being organized will help make your looking process easier.  Remember sometimes I am working with 6 – 10 buyers.  I sometimes see over a 100 houses in a week so I may not remember the one house you kind of liked.

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