Michigan site condos

What are site condos?.

In Michigan some homes are built as a condo association.  Some of the reasons builders build Michigan site condos are they escape some building restrictions.  The builder is able to cut through some of the cities red tape and regulation.

Some of the reasons builders build site condos are.

  • homes can be built closer together (So builders can make more money because they can build more homes on the same amount of land.  Which is also a benefit to home owners because the homes are less expensive)
  • the road can be private and built less expensively than city regulations. (Asphalt versus cement)  Width of the road may be less sometimes. The association is responsible for snow plowing and maintenance of the roads.
  • Pools, parks, and club houses can be built and supported by the association rules.
  • many time homes and the development can be built quicker because of the easier rules for condo complexes

 How is a site condo different than an actual condo complex?

Site condo differences.

When you own a condo you are not responsible for outside maintenance and you don’t own the outside of the building.  It is part of the common property owned by the association.  The condo association takes care of the exterior of the buildings and the landscaping maintenance.   A true condo community has common property that can not be divided and that can be used by all condo owners.  Property that all owners pay to maintain.

As a homeowner in a site condo you own the house.  You are responsible for the exterior of your home.  Nobody else has an interest in your home.  You have to take care of the landscaping, the painting, the decks. But remember as an owner of a Michigan site condo you do have to obey the condo association rules.  You do have to pay association dues.

Is a site condo bad?

No not at all.  A site condo is really no different than a normal neighborhood that has private roads.  A Michigan site condo will have a little higher home owners association dues (on average) than a normal home owners association.  Just because the site condo association usually have the private roads.  But less than a true condo complex.  Simply because rregular condo associations have to pay take care of the buildings, the roofs, the landscaping.  A true condo complex will have much, much higher association fees than a site condos fees.

But sometimes there are homeowners associations that have much higher association dues.  Association dues are directly related to how much land and landscaping they have to take care of.  Association due are related to how many buildings, pool, parks, or other subdivision amenities they have to maintain.

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