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Are you moving to Michigan soon?  I wanted to give you a little information about Michigan.  Michigan is a great state to live in.  There is so much to do in our great state.  I always say if you can’t have fun in Michigan you can’t have fun any where.  Michigan has so many recreation opportunities.  But that is just one of the good features of our great state.

Let’s talk about the Metro Detroit area.  One of the best home buyer tips I can give you about metro Detroit is about our extensive highway system.  Our traffic in Metro Detroit is no where near as bad as Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York.  Our rush hours is probably like their non rush hours travel times.  Yes we have bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour, but most of the time our traffic moves along good.  Of course during orange barrel (construction season) we do have traffic delays because of road construction.

Oakland County Michigan

Oakland County Michigan

We have several major freeways in Southeastern Michigan.  I-75 runs north to south through downtown Detroit.  I-96 and I-94 run east to west.   I-94 runs on the south side of Metro Detroit and runs through the city and then turns north.  I-96 runs to the north of Metro Detroit and runs from west side to the state to Detroit.  I-275 circles around the western suburbs.  US -23 is to the far west running from Toledo Ohio through Ann Arbor & Brighton to Flint.

When moving to Michigan you will want to use mapquest or google maps to map your drive time.  Once you determine some of the potential cities you like map them.  What I can tell you about Metro Detroit highways and traffic is that once the weather changes it does slow down traffic.  Rain will add on about a 30% increase in drive time.  For some reason it seems that people forget how to drive when it rains.  When it snows traffic slows down too.  So when it snows it will add to your drive time.  I want you to be prepared on the potential drive times.

We do not have many train crossings in Metro Detroit anymore.  They have tried to have under passes so traffic is not held up by trains.  If you are moving to Michigan give me a call.  I know the metro Detroit area well.  I have worked with many relocation companies.  Plus we give you a little buyers bonus too!

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If you did not know we have several lake areas to the north and west of Metro Detroit.  Waterfront homes for sale Commerce Michigan are probably one of the closest lake areas.  It is not too far from the I-96 expressway.  It is probably a 45 minute drive to Detroit.  White Lake Waterfront Properties are going  to add 15 to 20 minutes to your drive.  I would not recommend buying a lake home in White Lake if you are working in Downtown Detroit.  It is the same way with Highland lakefront homes – Highland lakefront real estate or waterfront homes Charlick Lake Highland.  You would be okay if you working for a company in Brighton, Milford, or Novi.  Otherwise if you are working to the south of the city it is not a smart move to buy in Highland unless you want to be on the road all the time.

If you are going to live on Williams Lake Waterford Township Michigan it will not be so bad if you are working in Clarkston or along the I-75 corridor.  If you have never lived on a lake here is one of the sunrises on Union Lake Sunrise.

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