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If you have a Michigan relocation in your future you might be checking out the Michigan sex offenders list.   It is a good thing to do.  Most Metro Detroit cities will have many sex offenders on the list.  There is no city in the Metro Detroit area that doesn’t have sex offenders.  I would bet there is at least one in every square mile of  Metro Detroit.  Part of it is what crimes are part of the sex offender category.

If you find a sex offender in the area you want to buy in what do you do if you have small kids?  You as a home buyer have to look at the details of the sex offender to know what they did.  Did you know you could be a sex offender for urinating in public, or being naked in front of a child?  Did you know your 18 year child could be sentenced as a sex offender if they were dating a younger person.  It doesn’t matter if they have been dating for four years and been having sex during those years.  As soon as that child turns 18 and has sex with that younger partner they are breaking the law.   They become a sex offender.

I always remember a story about an aspiring football star that had turned 18 in high school but was dating a younger girl in the same high school.  The relationship went bad, the girls parents filed charges, and this young kid went to jail.  Instead of a college scholarship this kid got a jail cell.  There was an uproar and his sentence was shortened, but….  After jail he and the girl got married.  But he is forever on the sex offenders list.  Some kids get arrested when the relationship turns sour.  Now they are a convicted sex offender!

Another way kids are becoming sex offenders is sexting.  You see when a teenager sends naked pictures of themselves and then they are shared….it is child pornography.  If it is sent to a college student and they keep on their phone it is considered child porn. Sexting is happening with our teenagers in America and they do not know they could end up on the sex offenders list.  I believe it could happen to any kid.  If we do not have a talk with them they do not know the dangers of sexting.  A conviction of urinating in public  or being nude in the wrong place will get the person on the sex offenders list.

But there are other serious predators out there.  So if you use the sex offenders website look up the details of the sex offender. Do not buy if you are uncomfortable with the offender.  Do not be afraid of calling the local police station and asking them about the level of the crime.  The best advice I can give you is to do your research.  Be aware of the person and warn your kids about them.  So look at the details and ask a local policeman about the seriousness of the level of the sex offenders crime.  I wouldn’t buy a Michigan home next to a child predator sex offender, but I would not rule out a Michigan home next to a person that is on the list for dating a younger girlfriend in high school, sexting, or for urinating in public. .Here is the sex offenders web site for Michigan and surrounding areas http://www.mipsor.state.mi.us/PSORDisclaimer.aspx

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