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buyers agent represents only you the buyer.  What that means is that they keep everything you tell them confidential.  They are working for you and you alone.  They know what you want and what you are looking for.

That is not the case when you call the listing agent.  The listing agent becomes a dual agent then.  Sure they are supposed to be doing almost everything a buyers agent does…. BUT they are the listing agent…..They want to sell the house.  They want to close the deal.  They represent both sides.

Whereas I think most buyer’s agents really do is keep the buyers interest first.  Most buyers agent’s may put the purchase agreement together but they usually are willing to walk if the buyer finds inspection issues or value issues.  Who do you think will want to work out the glitches and apply a little more pressure to close the deal?  The listing agent or the buyers agent.  I think the listing agent.  Where the buyer agent will usually put together a unbiased comparison of the homes you have seen.  A buyers agent doesn’t have a vested interested in any one house.

A listing agent does.

buyers agent knows their money comes from referrals of satisfied buyer clients and not just another listing.  Now I’m not saying their is anything wrong with buying from the listing agent.  But a buyers agent will be more objective if you can buy another home right down the street for less money or in better condition.  A listing agent will sell you their seller’s house if you are interested in it.  If you are shopping Metro Detroit foreclosures then you want somebody that will go to the mat with you.  A buyers agent that will show you one more home that may be a little than the one that the listing agent had.

Give me a call if you need an agent that is patient and is willing to get all the data you need to make a good decision.  An Agent that will work hard for your interests not the seller’s interest.

Russ Ravary Your Wayne and Oakland County real estate buyers agent


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