Metro Detroit UAW auto workers

The Auto bailout and my fellow Metro Detroiters

Hey all you union people.  I know you already have had enough of our US Senate.  Particularly those Republican senators that want you to take a pay cut.  I agree that lots of concessions and changes have to be made in order for the American auto industry to survive.  But what I don’t agree with is some big shot senator that makes 3 times as much as you union workers telling you that you need to take a pay cut.


Yes there is even worse news.  The irony of it all.  While they are asking for you to take a pay cut, they get a raise courtesy of your tax dollars.  Congressman salaries will increase from $169,300 to $174,000 this year. A $4,700 raise coming up while they are talking to cut yours.  Of course that would mean your tax percentage would not go down.  Their pay automatically goes up each year.  They have a bill to not take a pay raise next year but there are not many supporters.  Go figure.

How do they figure you are going to make a mortgage payment on your Metro Detroit home?  How do they think you are going to send your kids to college?  Factories are shutting down for periods of time but they want you to take a pay cut.  So I say to the US Congress don’t take the pay raise an lets cut your pay 10%.

I wonder how many of them drive foreign cars.  I wonder how many of their immediate family members (sons, wives, daughters) drive foreign cars.  Yes those senators keep supporting Metro Detroit.  Not.  Just out to line their pockets.

After all didn’t the U.S. economy go down the tubes during your watch.  Your business of protecting us and keeping the nation running well is failing.  We already got rid of the CEO. Maybe we should lay some of you off.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Russ Ravary

your local Metro Detroit real estate specialist


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