Metro Detroit success

If you are like many people you identify with your work.  Many times you are the “engineer” or the “electrician” or the “administrative assistant” or “office manager”.  Many times our jobs are our life.  We become so entertwined with what we do that it becomes the majority of our life.

Now with Detroit’s hurting economy I am seeing friends and family members losing their jobs, losing their homes, and businesses.  It is tough enough to have financial problems, but the emotional stress is bad too.  Some people feel they aren’t successful since they have lost their jobs.

But it isn’t you that failed..  It’s the economy.  Good people have been let go from their jobs,  smart people have been laid off.  Hardworking people and top notch employees have been let go just to meet payroll goals and employee staffing numbers.   Sometimes it boiled down just to dollars saved.

I know  guys with 22 years experience and many awards at a company that were laid off.  I know office managers that over saw 40 employees laid off.  I have seen whole departments dismantled and whole companies shut down.  It’s not just you, it’s thousands of Metro Detroiters all feeling the same thing.  It’s not you YOU ARE still a SUCCESS.

You mostly likely have a good family.  Kids or a wife.  A good family.  You have helped them throughout the years.  You have raised them and helped them throughout the years.  You are a success whether you think so or not.  You have helped so many people out over the years.  You are a SUCCESS!!!  Your job is really just a small part of who you are.  There is so more much to you than just your job.  You are a success.

May you realize all the good things in your life.  Getting a positive attitude and your self confidence back will help you in your job search.

List some of the things that are positive in your life below in my feedback and comment section?  How are you successful?


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