Metro Detroit realtor’s Military Past


Most people now think of me as a Metro Detroit realtor but I like you have a past.  I spent four years in the US Military many years ago.  I entered the Army as a grunt, an infantryman and did thirteen weeks at Fort Benning, Georgia.  I then also spent time at Fort Lee, Virgina learning how to pack parachutes.

I then spent 3 1/2 years at Fort Bragg North Carolina.  Some of it with the 82nd Airborne as an infantryman as an aide to Colonel Silvasy commander of the 2nd Brigade.  Some of it packing parachutes for the Special Forces training school.

If you have never been in the Military you don’t realize how much you give up when you join the military.  You give up most things we civilians cherish.  The military owns you.  There is no calling in sick.  The military comes first over family.  Everything you do on and off duty is governed by the military.

I thank all of service men and women that have served in the military. Thanks go helping do the things other people can’t even imagine.  Be proud.

I was in the peace time Army I hand it to all of them that been in harms way.  Thanks.  And my deepest prayers for the families and service men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  It could be your son, your daughter that gave us the ability to have the freedom we all enjoy.

I know my wife Marianne would be devastated if something would happen to Ryan.  And I feel for every mother, father, brother, sister that have lost family serving in the military.  May you remember all the good things and good times that you had with your hero.  I don’t know their faces but in my heart and mind they live on.  For when we think on Labor Day we think of all of you.  Thank you

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