Metro Detroit mortgage closing costs

When buying Metro Detroit real estate there will be closing costs.  What do you mean?  How much are these Metro Detroit closing costs?  Well closing costs vary from lender to lender.  There can be a huge variance in closing costs.  Below are some of the closing costs you will see and some of the ranges of the costs.  Remember these ranges are just that, not to be considered as acceptable.  I will go into what is acceptable and what these costs are on another blog.  And why you have to pay them.  Be sure to check the “Mortgage and Credit info” category on the side.

Here are some of the costs you will see when you go to the closing table.

  • Appraisal  $300-$400
  • Underwriting fee $400-$900
  • Processing fee  $200 – $900
  • Title Closing cost $300 – $500
  • Title Insurance $300 – $1500
  • Wire fees $15 – $60
  • Recording fees $90 – $150
  • Survey fee $175 – $325
  • Pre-paid interest per day
  • Pro-rated taxes
  • Escrow set up
  • Homeowners insurance

When buying Metro Detroit Real Estate you need to be aware of what moneys you need.  Choose a reputable loan officer and real estate agent in the beginning so you know all your costs up front.  For more on Metro Detroit mortgage information go to my other website or just check out some of the information in the mortgage and credit category on the side.