Metro Detroit home selling tips – how to sell an estate home

This is one Metro Detroit home selling tip that most people don’t do when they are selling an estate home.  They have an inheritance coming.  But the problem is that the money is tied up in a house.  The worst thing they don’t realize is that it is an old house.  Sure to you it may be mom’s house, grandma’s house, or the house your grew up in.  But to a Metro Detroit home buyer it is just another old house,  or just a plain ugly house that needs lots of work.

All the Metro Detroit home buyer thinks is how much money it is going to cost to replace the carpet or how much to do all the repairs.   Many of them can’t afford to make the repairs.  So they won’t buy your house.  So that is one less buyer for you.  Here are my tips:

Metro Detroit home selling tips

  1. Paint it.  Putting fresh paint on the walls will get rid of the old person’s smells.  People get turned off by the stagnant smell of an old person’s home.  Get rid of grandma’s  wall paper.  That will turn off people quick.               Wayne County home seller tips
  2. Re-carpet it or sand the wood floors.  Most likely mom’s or dad’s house has shag carpet or some ugly color from the 1970’s.  Most likely your parent’s or grand parents home is not that large.  It should not cost that much to re-carpet the home.            How to sell your Wayne County home quicker
  3. Get rid of the furniture if it is grandma’s furniture.  This is the only case where an empty home is better than a furnished home.  Some people can’t get past grandma’s furniture.  A young Wayne County first time home buyer can’t picture themselves in the house.  They can’t imagine living in the house with all that old furniture.   Wayne County home selling advice                                  getting your Wayne County home ready to sell

If you take these Metro Detroit home seller tips you will sell the house quicker and for more money.  So if you want to make more money from your inheritance paint it, clean out the old stuff, and re-carpet.  It will make the house worth at least $10,000 more.  Or you can flush some of your inheritance down the drain.

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