Metro Detroit first time home buyers part 3 – how to read listings and pick houses to see

When you are an Metro Detroit first time home buyer how do you pick the right houses to see.  Do you make your judgement to see the house on the pictures alone?  Some foreclosures have only one picture, some agents are lousy picture takers.  So don’t make your decision to see the house on the pictures alone.

Equally important is to read the description and the agents remarks.  Many times that will tell you the highlights about the house.

For example if they talk about the outside of the house and say very little about the inside then I would bet that the inside needs work or updating.  But if the lot means a lot to you then you should check out this house.

If they say the house needs tender loving care (TLC), loving touches, original owner, or needs updating it means it needs work and needs money to get it up to date.  It may need carpeting or the bathroom to be updated, or the kitchen updated.

If in the listing description they list the updates they have done you have a general idea of what isn’t done and what needs updating.

So my advice to you as an Metro Detroit first time home buyer is don’t just look at the pictures read the description too.  And then make a decision on which homes to see.  And if you have the time punch the addresses in to Google earth and see where the homes are.

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