Metro Detroit first time home buyer tips

If you just bought or going to buy a Metro Detroit home here is how you figure out what your new Michigan Property taxes will be.  This will be the same whether it is a Plymouth home for sale or a Novi home, or a Brighton Twp home.  The Michigan property taxes are figured the same way.

First call the city you are going to be living in.  Give them the address and ask for the mileage rate for the year.  The address is important because sometimes where you live determines which school system the house is in.  Sometimes some Michigan cities have different mileage rates for different school systems.  You may be able to get the (SEV) state equalized value for the property on the same call.

Or ask your Michigan real estate agent to get you your state equalized value (SEV) on your new home or soon to be new home.  Then take the state equalized value (SEV) and times it by the Millage rate and you will get your new property tax.  That is what you will be paying the following year you buy the home.

P.S. I am giving you this information freely for you to figure out how much your taxes will be.  Please call the Real estate agent that you are working with or who you bought the house from to get you the SEV state equalized value.  They will be glad to help you and tell you what your new Michigan property taxes will be.  Please don’t call me to do their job.  They get excited when another real estate agent gets into their business.  Even if they seem extremely busy, call them.  That is part of how they earn their money.  By providing you the information to make a good decision.  At least that is what they should be doing.  Make them earn their money if they aren’t getting you all the information you need.

Solid information and facts will help you find a great home.  Then those facts will help you make a sound decision.  Good luck on getting a great metro Detroit home.  You may want to look at homes for sale Milford Michigan.  Milford is a great town in Western Oakland County.

If you are not working with a Realtor feel free to call me anytime.  I just don’t want to step on any other real estate agents toes.

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